Wednesday, October 12, 2005

These thoughts they are a churnin'

my eyes they are a burnin'.

Ok, maybe it's too early in the day/my life to start writing country songs.
The point is, hubby got offered a new position in his company--
a promotion.
(He literally said to me, "G. has a new position in mind for me."
OF COURSE my response was, "yeah, I've got a new position in mind for ya, too...")

***Rant Removed***
ok, I'm really glad I got to work through that.
I'm unable to think without vocalizing or putting into print.
it is not a very convenient personality flaw, let me tell ya...

I should be required to flash you or something, if you made it this far.
I am, however, thinking of a slight alteration in tomorrow's Half Nekkid-ness,
as suggested by the top celebrity on my (about to be written)list of celebrities I can schtup without landing myself in divorce court...
It'll be Panties-less Thursday.
I'm not sure how I'll prove it, though--
any ideas for creative photography?

Time for the gym.
and then it's Bunko night with the mormons!!
wooo hooo!

I finished that paper last night, that I was bitching about.
just in the nick of time, too.
find it here.

happy hump day, dirty dogs--

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