Thursday, July 28, 2005

Vacation status: active

I'm here.
I'm not queer, but you should get used to me anyway.
er, no.
I'm here, as in, in Maryland.
To anyone who wondered,
it's EXACTLY like Maine.
In fact, I'm sort of thinking it's the same place.
only with crabs instead of lobsters.
and a few extra letters.
anywho, it's gorgeous, and I feel wonderful.
we spent today at the beach,
toes in sand, jellyfish dancing close.
so elegant and slow.
I missed a spot with the sunscreen, so I have a splotch of sunburnage,
but no big whoop.

there are too many great books in this house for me to not start reading at least one of them while I'm here--
and somehow i feel like blaming this on Mona...
I call it "Mona's Reading Multiple Books in Unison Affliction."
Or MRMBUA for short.
ok, maybe I'll work on a catchier name.

aw, shit.
I missed my face, too.
oh well.

that's all for now.
I'm going to go vacate.
I might be back to read some of y'all in a bit, when the cutest damn 2 year old in the world goes to sleep.

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