Sunday, July 24, 2005


Loud and disorienting,
closing in on me with a throbbing so loud it can be felt--
pierced with high-pitched sounds and all manner of percussion.
The colors and smells overwhlem.
I am drowning.

Ok, fine, it's just the 9 year old whipping the 5 year olds into a frenzy of freeze tag or cops and robbers or dodgeball--
probably all three.
This week, construction starts on our basement.
this will bring my domain to over 3000 square feet.
Does anyone know how much of my precious blog time will be spent CLEANING????
actually, the best part of it all is that I'll have an office.
with a door.
that locks.
what kids?
I don't have any kids.
Just homework and a muse.
I am really excited, though not entirely hopeful that it'll be finished anytime soon.
We're subcontracting it all ourselves...
but at least the sod will for sure be laid on Thursday, and the fence up soon after.
I'm sure you're all riveted.
blah blah blah this is my life blah blah blah get used to it blah blah FUCKING blah.
vanilla ice cream, anyone?
how about a white picket fence?
no takers?
are ya sure?
okee dokeeeee, your choice, man.
me, I'm looking for a rabbit hole.
a worm hole.
a black hole...I wish I dared to leap into one.
I bet that would be fucking great.
someday, I will hold this world in my outstretched hand.
I will look at it lovingly, bend to kiss it, then crumple it up like a mis-folded paper airplane.
buh bye, suckers!
then I will swim through the stars and find a new world.
one where I will be the goddess of all creation.
aw, shit, I let my god complex show again--
(note to self: no more bending over in mini skirts.)

I really think it's grand
(like being in a band)
that I am crazy--
without being crazy.
I'm so normal in person, without being boring.
fuck you, I'm not either!!!
although, I inherited from my father a sporadic inability to curtail a train of thought--
ranting, I suppose it's called...

where in the hell does this shit come from?
cerebral cortex, possibly.
good thing I skipped the lobotomy.
If I'm this weird, stone cold sober on a Sunday morning,
wouldn't it be fun to see what I'm like on acid?
I vote yes.

I am dehydrated.
ask my husband's penis why.

p.s. Tuesday might be the last day I post this week, but I doubt it.
I'm going to be out of town, but I'm so pathetically addicted to this bloggerific world that I will probably still post almost every day.
maybe it would be fun to have guest posters?
you know, 11X16 prints rolled up in a tube to hang on teenager's walls...?
me and my inability to let even the most pathetic word play slide...
ones who guest post.
persons who post here as guests.

maybe it's the coffee...
if you're interested in a large picture of yourself, please let me know.
guest posters could be fun.
especially if they post their boobies.
Happy Fucking Pioneer Day, Polygamist wannabes!!
I think you should all marry someone cuz "god told ya to", in honor of the divine history of this day.
thank you.
caffeinated housewife, out.

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