Thursday, July 14, 2005

Today is a special day here in my house...

Five years ago today, my husband was way up in the mountains on a camping trip with his 5 brothers.
Out of cell phone range.
It was so fucking hot, and our new house did not have central air yet.
I was on my 4th day of semi-bed rest, i.e.: don't go to work and don't do household chores.
around 1pm, the phone rang, and it was my husband.
two of his brothers had gotten into a loud and angry discussion that we like to call "a fight".
remember, 6 men, all very tall and very
so, my husband, being one of the 3 blondes (which means he's mellow),
had had enough of the childish antics of the most successful one and...which one? hm. can't remember. I think it was the tallest.
my husband had abandoned the trip and was now headed to the golf course.
I hung up with him and got a call from my sister in law, who called to see how I was doing.
"Oh, just sitting around, waiting to go into labor," said the fate-tempting me.
we chatted for a few minutes, I gave her the update on the camping trip, and--
just as I hung up, my water broke.
damn, that shit's painful.
well, the contractions that followed were painful...
so I called my doctor, like a good girl, and was told, "like, duh, haul ass to the hospital!"
so. I called husband, who rushed home.
it felt like two hours, but i guess it was 20 minutes.
then he took the long way to the hospital and made me climb up into his tall-ass Trooper...erg.
so, ba da bing, ba da boom, panting swearing evil pain turns into "baby in distress" "emergency c-section".
I was just glad they shoved that needle in my back so I could blink and look around at the lovely nurses and apologize for my rudeness.
the rest of the story and some cutesy pictures are here, where I told the story last year.

The bottom line is, I spent a gazillion dollars and I think they got more presents than Christmas, and they rock my world upside down.
I can't believe my babies are so grown up....

So, last night I had my girl's night thing, and it was great fun, as usual.
I didn't bite my tongue quite fast enough, but recovered well with humor on my side, during a mormon encounter of a close kind.
then, once the crowd had dwindled a bit, my "fuck" sensor turned off, and it started flying a bit.
oh well.
and, most importantly, Deidra and I had
she gave me some great insights into publishing,
and we bonded over how we stumbled from "effortlessly thin" to...effortlessly not so thin...
and, coincidentally, we stumbled effortlessly!!
we talked about a thousand different things, and it was so satisfying!!!
I had begun to forget what it's like to have that kind of connection with a woman.
girlfriends RAWK.

speaking of girlfriends, please stop on by Becky's place and wish her luck in surgery today, and a speedy recovery, etc.
(update: just got a call. she's not dead!!)

I have a sunburn and my muscles ache and I have two parties to plan, and oh, that reminds me, I need to have another one--maybe next Saturday...?
no, none of you are invited, sorry.
we will drink a lot and eat fantastically delicious foods and listen to great music, though.
so don't feel bad.
ok, FINE, if any of you are in Utah when I have the big party, you can come.
tomorrow night, a quiet dinner with a couple.
sunday, a big family dinner for the twinner's birthday.
but next week, I need to have something like a house warming party, only...
if this weather keeps up, it won't require much effort to warm the damn thing!
did anyone ever tell you how funny you think I am?
well, you do.

I really wish this post was more exciting,
but it's not.
and I have shit to do.
so I think I will.

if you want to read a better post, read yesterday's.
or go to someone else's blog.

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