Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Chicken Soup for the Sole

no, really--
soaking one's feet in a hearty chicken broth will really cut down on stink-factor as well as bunions and plantar's warts.
I dare ya...

tomorrow I get to go to the dentist for a cleaning and whitening!
I'm pretty stoked.
yes, I said "stoked".
ignore it...
it's part of my 80s House experiment.
I'm sort of trying to do a low-budget imitation of the MTV show, The 70s House...
It's a great excuse to wear a mullet
and dig out those cropped shirts and peg the legs in my jeans.
you think I'm kidding, don't you?
you're right.
but that show looks like the worst idea since "I want to be a Hilton".
crazy fucking American viewing public.

so we're starting the great search for a new car/vehicle for me.
one thing I'm a little weird about is that brand new cars really make me ill.
it's not just the fact that they lose a chunk of value the second you drive them off the lot,
but that's one strike against them.
the other thing is...
I just haven't shaken off my humble roots enough, I guess.
I mean...spending $40k on a mode of transportation???
that's just silly.
and they're way too perfect.
and utah is all about perfect, and large vehicles, so I'm rebelling.
a dependable, foreign-made car, with AC and power everything and better than 15 MPG--
that's what makes me horny.
I have this overwhelming desire to own a vehicle that seats more than 5, since carpooling is a possibility looming in my future as sure and menacingly as term papers and final exams...
and with an airbag in the passenger's seat, and two kids of my own, that leaves one seat for a child.
when we have the step son, our car as at capacity.
poor gangly thing isn't going to be happy between two car seats much longer
(ok, so I wouldn't categorize him as "happy" about it right now, either!)
I've decided on my dream car, but I'm afraid to jinx myself by saying what it is.
I've written it 3 times in this post, but deleted it because I got spooked.
I'm a leeeetle superstitious...had you noticed?
I will definitely let you know if/when I get something...

and, just for the hell of it--
imagine yourself naked
wrapped around me, your face in my neck, my legs around your back...
tangled in linens,
heavy breathing turning to soft moans,
kisses like a summer rain storm...
that would be divine.
there's more...but it'll stay in my head for now.

and now I'm running late.
this whole blogging before the gym thing isn't really working out so great.
and why?
well, it's because I'm a procrastinator, a limit-pusher.
I'm supposed to be LEAVING right now, but I'm in pjs and so are my kids!!

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