Friday, July 22, 2005

Oh, I'm SPECIAL, alright.

I'm a special kind of special.
what a weird word...special. spess-ee-ul.
no, I haven't started drinking yet today.
but I did seriously consider it, about 20 minutes ago.
it was 11:53.
I just thought a beer would taste really good with my egg rolls...
and it would have. (picture me pouting with arms crossed)
but I'm a good girl.
mabye I'll spend tomorrow in a haze, instead.
since it's a holiday weekend here in the great state of Utah.
yes, I said, "great".
but you should know by now that my sarcasm faucet is usually turned on full blast...
We were supposed to be laying sod in our backyard tomorrow, but the guy in charge of ordering it did not do so.
Now, it'll probably arrive while I'm in DC, which means I'll get to come home to a mudless backyard!!!
and, more importantly, it also means I won't have to help.
nah, I wouldn't mind helping.

So I'm listening to my new Maroon 5 CD, and wondering how in the bloody hell it came to pass that I didn't know that one song was by them, nor do I know any of the other songs.
Oh, yeah!
It's because I live in a perpetual state of non-paying-attention to anything around me.
oh, and this song, too?
I guess now I know who Maroon 5 is.
the Mr. bought it, not me.
I like it, though.

I keep forgetting to answer my comments today,
what with the kids, the phone, losing my first attempt, and a rather pressing email to answer...
so I'll do it here.

Lily--the PMS fairy sure does have bad breath--and B.O., and a nasty case of crotch rot!!!

Well, Spin, it's probably not best to banish bras entirely, anyway--just when you have either a good reason or the urge!! some days are just not bra friendly, and that's all there is to it--although I suspect you've discovered that with the whole panty thing...heee....and yes, I can understand the need to trim down in the whole underclothing department, after going through such torure!! Yeah, you'll dig the book.

Sorry, Nate, no Rack shots today! Aw, come on, as much as we hate that bitch, she's, WITCH HUNT!!!

Oh yikes, CatPants! That sounds horrible! Yeah, it's a lot easier to get away with skipping the bra when you're a housewife...a Senior Designer couldn't exactly get away with that sort of thing at the office!! (but I didn't read far enough to find out what you to enlighten this lazy ass?)

heh. You mean "blogging about drinking", Jerry? hee. and I love it when you comment drunk!! it's at least 2.3 times more fun than sober... and I'm glad I got you laughing, too. :) if I can brighten your work day, it always makes me glow, you darling.

Becks? The uterus jokes are getting old--FAST. Cut it out...

Thanks, Sara! It was a cluster fuck and a half, but at least the PMS fairy didn't make anymore appearances. If you ever want to know a really great way to waste 100 miles, 100 hours, and 100 dollars, let me know. I've got it down to a smooth system.

well no wonder your blog world has been compromised, IA! It's all about the floss... miss you already...ya smarmy bah-stid.

heeeee...jeeez, I wish, Orange! I could save up for my tummy tuck...

I know, City Boy...we are ALL Sam Walton's bitches, it seems! Their prices are so good it's hard to rationalize going somewhere else. Why pay double for my Pantene, or Cogate??? I have actually heard that not wearing bras won't damage your breasts, unless they're extremely large, in most cases. It's strange how different each of our bodies is... Yeah, it is hard for most people to get out when the kids are young. We were lucky enough to have a pair of sisters less than a mile away who were good with the kids, picked up the house, and were ALWAYS available. We moved about 45 miles away from them in February, and haven't found any new sitters...we still go down there when we HAVE to go out...but it's much less free and fun than before.

Well, Chris, you're lucky to have family close, but it is too bad you don't have some teenage neighbors you could employ. You could always go door to door..."Hi, I live down the street, and I was just wondering if you have any teenage daughers?" it helps if you raise your eyebrows repeatedly at the end there, or wink. No, really!

and yes, last night went ok, but it was truly a cluster fuck of grand proportions.
It would have been worth it, if I had been able to enjoy some dinner conversation with the guests of honor, but really I had a pleasant time anyway.
and a Long Island Iced Tea.

aw...remember the good old days?
when Fridays meant this page would be dripping with pheremones and your own drool/other bodily fluids-that-I-don't-want-to-know-about?
maybe it's time for a flashback...
or a fastforward?
or a god damn TYPING CLASS?????
jesus H.
I think I have a brain seizure problem of some kind,
which is making my fingers hit the wrong keys.

because today...
I'm preoccupied with thoughts of a beach, on a dark summer night.
one fat white moon grinning down at us from the blackness.
water gently lapping at sand.
we laugh, I dare you.
you dare me back.
we race--
my clothes come off first, but you make it under the water first--
I chicken out, after getting in up to my waist.
you drag an arm through the water, drenching me with the wave you create,
just before tackling me and pulling me under with you.
choking and laughing, I burst out of the water, thoughts of revenge flying fast from my mind as I blink away water and focus on your face...
we smile at each other, as the quiet fades back in around us.
I step toward you, my heart racing.
That dare was smooth... as I take one more step toward you.
You almost step away, doubting my motives.
The playful sparkle has gone from my eye and has been replaced with a dull shine of pure lust.
As I pull your head toward mine, your arms circle me and draw me closer,
the distance between our lips now a memory, as our tongues dance and probe, your lips so soft on mine.
our bodies pressing together creates an unusual kind of heat, in the cold water.
as your lips move down my neck, and across my shoulder, I draw a ragged breath, impatient...
you bend to my breasts, taking them gently in your hands and mouth--
licking, nibbling, rubbing...
I start slowly backing out of the water, pulling you with me, unable to wait.
we land on the pile of our clothes, my legs wrapping tightly around you, hips raising to meet you.

Sorry to end so abruptly...I'm sort of not writing explicit stuff on here anymore...
there are a few of that sort in my archives, though, if you're interested.

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