Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fuck blogging

I need to get in the shower, for today is another busy busy busy day.
one of my husband's brothers is in town for the week, so we have a bunch of stuff going on.
today we're going to the waterpark,
but first my kids have school.
and I have an appointment with the angel-faced trainer o'satan.
and I need to go to the post office...
which is almost as bad as the trainer.
I don't know why I have such an aversion to the post office,
because I think I like it...and yet...
whenever it's on my list of errands, I put it off, for days, weeks--
sometimes months.
oh well.

shit, I just noticed the date!
it's the birthday of a dear...friend.
a friend who I've hardly seen for months.
I'm not going to whine here.

I'm reading the most fascinating book right now--
about Fundamentalist Mormons and their polygamy-based pedophilia.
('magine the google hits i'll get for that string!!)
I am ready to storm the compounds and rescue these poor girls!
not to mention it gives all sorts of interesting history of mormonism--
objective history, not faith-spun history.
so of course it's super appealing to me for this reason.
"Under the Banner of Heaven" is what it's called, in case you're interested.
This was the book I read for extra long last night as I kept having flashbacks to this story--
since my husband's out of town, I was seeing things in the shadows, anyway!

I can't think of anything to say...
can't think of anything I'm allowed to say.

today is Tuesday.
so take off your bra, if you have one/if you can!!

(yes, I'm still milking the white shirt set from a couple of weeks ago...ugh, did I just say "milking"???)

long day.
don't forget your sunscreen...

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