Monday, July 25, 2005

A hole new view

yes, I used the wrong word on pupose.
for visual effect.
so that you would imagine a hole in my wall giving me a new view.
which is entirely incorrect.
but still, a great image.
I did, however, move my desk/computer up to the main floor.
It's kind of exciting...
of course, there's the tv in my direct peripheral vision
(nice contradiction, Lisa)
but that's all I can think of for negatives right now.
the tv is in my direct peripheral vision,
the kitchen is mere yards away, rather than a flight of stairs,
(that's for the kids and their constant need for snacks)
and it's not all dark and spooky/lonely.
I feel like a human again.
(I still don't look like one, but that's to be expected)

I had an idea for a story today, while driving, and--
get this--
I actually remembered it!!!!
I know!!!
of course, it'll probably prove my theory that I only forget stuff that's shit to begin with.
we'll see.

Sponge Bob and his Squarepants are waaaay too distracting.
this happens every time I change locations...
I'm easily distracted, I guess.
why is it that my kids never watch tv.
when I want to have no tv on????

that damn trainer broke my back today.
(god love 'im.)
anyone interested in tossing a massage my way?
git yer ass to Utah.
and maybe I'll give YOU the "happy ending" or whatever it's called when the massage therapist is actually a prostitute.
(god that was a great show...)

ok, I got nothin'.
I'm just so totally super psyched to have new environs that I had to share it with y'all.

yes, it's almost Tuesday...

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