Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh what a day!

took the boys to the dentist, and it went way better than I expected.
no, that's not code for "I snuck some laughing gas and woke up with my shirt inside out".
then we ransacked the local wal-mart, and came home to play with more of the flying things they got for their birthday.
helicopters and airplanes and this really cool bird that actually flies--
built from leonardo davinci's design.
still as hot as satan's armpit outside, so we kept it brief.
also, I landed the bird on our roof...
I am a good mom, though, so I climbed out my window, onto hot tar, and retrieved the damn thing.
ok, ok, maybe I just like to show off.
but I got the bird, and that's all that counts.
my neighbor was mowing his lawn and has probably completed his checklist of "signs your new neighbor is crazy", but oh well.

our dinner plans fell through, so if any of you want to stop by,
I'm making a Bermuda salad
(yes, it's brightly printed and knee-length...)
some shrimp/steak/chicken/mushroom/zuchini/pepper kabobs
(no, they're not "shish" kabobs. it's a long story...)
watermelon, pasta salad, red wine, bloody marys, and birthday cake!!
I guess I better find some new dinner guests or scale back the menu, eh?

also, I feel the need to clarify...
when I say I have a minumum of 4 crushes?
most of those are vague and never get fantasized about.
that brief little dip in blogger crush lake has now passed as well.
I have decided to let my membership dues to the Crush Club lapse.
it's something I should have done years ago, anyway.
thanks in part to my out of control ego and its uncanny ability to be anhilated with the ease of an egg, lying on the sidewalk under a fast-falling piano.
but I also owe some credit to...other sources, both internal and external.
The ghost of christmas past, for one,
and the damn Bee girl from the Blind Melon video.
I dunno...
I guess I should have kept it to myself.

today is a gorgeous day, a happy day, a sunshiney, hopeful, dreamy day--
I will lick the salt from the rim of this giant margarita glass friday.
I will take those lemons I bought today (I really did!!) and make lemonade--
with a dash or 6 of vodka.
today, I will fuck my husband, instead of nearly nodding off while he worked his last night.

and don't forget to wish Sergei a happy birthday!!

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