Monday, July 18, 2005

oh what a busy day!

a great workout, followed by a cake binge, and now off to the races.
not the races.
gotta go across town and pick up the step son, then head all the way down to the UC
(utah county: mormonville) for a family BBQ...
didn't I just have one of those yesterday???
different side of the family.
I'm really looking forward to it, though.
just not looking forward to all the traffic dodging.
ah, well.
such is life.

my kids have both melted into puddles of w(h)ine on the floor, so I'm suddenly finding this more difficult than usual.
apparently they want some lunch or something...
such demanding kids!!
ok, well, so much for posting.
hope you all have a fabulous day.
maybe i'll audiopost on the drive, if I don't have a fatal case of road rage.

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