Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Thursday will begin..."

the first line of a song, that makes me smile every time.

I have now saved two posts as drafts--
unsuitable for publishing.
because they're so full of whine, I think you'd all end up drunk--
and since most of you are at work,
this could lead to being fired,
and I would really fucking hate to have that on my conscience.
I'm acting like a 3 year old pumped full of sugar and taken toy shopping--
for another kid's present.
yeah, that's not pretty.

I think being drunk RIGHT THE FUCK NOW would improve my mood just a hair.
either that, or I would discover that I can be a violent drunk,
and I would go find someone who looks like...someone...and beat the shit out of him.
or make out with a girl.
...but not violently.

I am extremely excited for the fondu and martini party on saturday.
sometimes being a grown-up kicks ass, mothafuckas!
and no, I don't intend to make out with a girl (again) anytime soon.
I just said that to fuck with you.
which also sounds fun...
tie you to a chair, and sit on your lap?
yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you?
or maybe that's just me.
I feel like running to the top of the closest mountain (pick one)
and screaming-------
watching the sound waves roll across the sky, eastward.
they would be jagged and electric.
as am I.

do not ignore me.
it hurts so much...
I need you, even though I know I shouldn't.
I've come as close to begging as I'm going to,
and soon I will retreat.

hell, maybe I should just give in and write some damn tortured-soul song for evanescence to sing.
I'm such a tard.
someone fucking kick me in the neck, wouldja?
(dammit, I hope Becky doesn't read this, because she's actually close enough to do it. and quite possibly still mad enough, since I corrected her spelling...)

so much for ending on a high note.
oh, I did cross the 100,000 hits line,
but I'm not taking it seriously, since that isn't a true reflection of my readers.
I'm sure everyone gets their google hits and their repeat hits,
but I am fairly sure I get more than the average amount of non-hit hits.
oh well.
100,000 still rocks.
and rolls.
ted nugent or somebody...

and now the kids are whining...gee, i wonder where they learned it???
I'll go have lunch, work out, and come back with a smile--
you guys either have a good day or give a good day, but don't do both.

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