Friday, June 03, 2005

My favorite things today have nothing to do with kittens

or roses, or string.
no, today my favorite things are colored with sarcasm.
like, for example:
one of my favorite things is when the husband comes home early
(awww...isn't that sweet?)
he came home early and spent the next 3 hours on the phone.
while I sat next to him,
trying to read the lips of the cast of Reno 911--
but finding most of it hilarious even without dialogue.
while it's true that I could have gone down to the living room and watched it,
or even returned to my sacred shrine here at my desk,
I just wanted to be there when he got off the phone.*
but alas,
it was not to be.
one of his 5 brothers flew in unexpectedly
(yes, his arms were tired)
so hubby had to scurry off to watch the NBA finals at another brother's house,
which I totally understand and fully supported.
but still.
another of my favorite things is when my kids think they're too good for a nap.
so, basically this means they refuse to go to sleep at a decent time of day for a nap,
and then voluntarily go to bed around 4 or 5 or some other hideously late time and then are up half the night.
so anyway.
lots of super great non-kitteny stuff to love today.

* yes I know that sounds super cheesy, but you have no idea how much time I spend alone...alone with 2 preschoolers--it ain't pretty.

I am also quite distressed about the incident involving the VO5 hot oil treatment of my inner arm,
in which I also splattered an inordinate amount of said oil on my new,
pictured below, BLOGGER T-shirt.
and it wasn't so much a hair treatment as me, trying to cook some damned MEAT.

I just ordered my "I suck, but at least I'm good at it" tank top,
so I'll be sporting that for a nice braless pic as soon as I get it.

woo hoo.
yes, I'm containing my enthusiasm.
curbing it, even.

I watched Bo Bice on The Daily Show--
with sound, praise the lord--
and he mentioned the website of his band,
so of course I bolted from my perch and tumbled down the stairs
(hey, my legs are getting more and more sore with every passing hour, back off)
to the puter.
there are songs.
and an email address.
I clicked the "email bo" link, and just sat there,
looking at the empty page in my Microsoft Outlook. heart thudding...
a frighteningly cheesy grin on my face.
and clicked on the little 'x' in the corner.
nothing to say?
more like fear of sounding like an obsessed lunatic.
all i really want is for him to come here,
and read my words,
and fall in love wtih me,
write songs for me,
beg me to leave my husband,
and whisk me away to whatever crazy church he belongs to for a sexy hippie wedding.
I don't think that's asking for much, really...
in fact, I'm fairly certain it'll happen if ONLY he could somehow be shown the way...
yes, I'm laughing at this.
I sure hope you are.
I realllly want to hang out with all of you.
just sit around in a dark-ish pub, talking through pitcher after pitcher of beer--
but not so much we get too drunk to remember the evening.
lots of pictures.
lots of hugging.
soooo much laughing.
everyone on my sidebar is cordially invited.
(except Chaz...
because I will never cheat on my husband,
and that is in direct conflict with me being in the same room/state/country as Chaz.
but maybe he could attend via satellite...)
maybe someday my dream of a bloggers party will come to pass...
but there are so many of us, and the web of our connections is vast,
our physical locations so diverse.
ah well.
at least we'll always have the internet, right?

you know, I was thinking about money earlier today.
pondering a little question:
why is having extra/plenty of money great?
so that you can do the things you want to do.
am I right?
well, true, it's different for everybody, but I would say that's probably a general consensus, an average answer.
I don't know.
for me, the idea of having money so I can buy more "stuff" isn't terribly appealing.
my "stuff" list ends at having a nice, cherried out Sting Ray
but from there, I have big dreams.
travel, mostly.
weekly massages,
a personal assistant to make sure I stay organized...
and I'd be all set.
what about you?
what would you guys do with unlimited-type of funding?

16 days til my birthday.
I feel totally unprepared, suddenly.

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