Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm in the mood...

that mood.
well, my writing streak is in the mood, at least,
and that's all that matters.
now, if only the kids will cooperate by staying out of my hair for the next 20 minutes...
cross your fingers for me--
that reminds me...
I think it's funny that we use crossed fingers to make all promises null and void,
as well as to hope for the best.
what the hell does that mean??
so depending on the surrounding circumstances,
we know which meaning to asign.
and why don't we do it with other gestures?
an extended middle finger means "fuck you", traditionally,
but if you're just sitting around chatting with friends,
it should also mean, "wanna come over for dinner? I'm making sushi!"
Or what about the shrug?
let's say, if you're shrugging at someone who didn't ask you a question,
it should mean "so what kind of music do you like?"
I don't know, just an idea...

I just asked for 20 minutes of peace and quiet,
but the downside to that is,
now I'm going to sit here and worry about why the hell the house is so quiet.
be right back--
ok, they're upstairs.

I haven't written a Fantasy Friday post in so long...
I kept it up for a year, but finally the Viagra wore off--
ba dum ching!
yes, I know what you're thinking.
I did have bad stand-up for breakfast.
it's pretty tasty--
part of a complete breakfast, with toast, juice, and milk!!!!!

a fantasy is what I was thinking I would do,
but now that I'm here,
I am not so sure...
well, to hell with it--
I'm jumping in!

9:52 am(ready set go)

9:59 am (music is now selected, and playing...traditional jazz, napster radio)

10:10 am (just scrapped the story to start over...)

see what happense when I put even the tiniest bit of pressure on myself???
ok, forget it.
I'm just going to write the shittiest piece of shitty shit that you've ever seen, outside a bathroom.

and...I just took time out to take pictures of my ass, and my new "I suck but at least I'm good at it" shirt.
I'm a procrastinating pro.
I also took a survey for napster, earning 5 free songs.
changed my radio station to 80s pop--
Total Eclipse of the Heart, baby!!!!
That was my faaaaaavorite song when I was in 1st grade.
maybe 2nd.
I can still remember sitting on the school bus,
drawing little hearts and smilies in the condensation on the window,
and singing that song to myself, soooo softly.
boucning along, past the Keag store--
which is pronounced "gig", oddly enough.
that was before I knew I couldn't sing...
I think the only thing I want for my kids,
is for them to not be as shy as I was.
better shy than trouble makers, I guess.

ok, wow.
good work, Lisa!
way to avoid writing--again.
I should have known this wouldn't work.
this radio station kicks ass, though.

I just finished reading a fantasy I wrote recently...
and it's one of my favorites,
but I think the heart of this is that I don't have proper inspiration.
and I'm taking it waaaay too seriously.
I don't want to get very graphic.
aren't you glad that I can't think a single thought without typing it here????
jesus, I'm annoying.

11:01 am
...I'm starting to regret making a note of the time,
as I go along...
I've just wasted an entire hour.
and I'm getting all worked up.

11:15 am
Peter Gabriel, "In Your Eyes".
I think this may break my writer's block...
and if not, I'll post a picture and call it good.

this song always makes me think of being in the backseat of a car with a boy,
rain dripping down the windows, lightly pattering the roof.
(probably because of John Cusak and Ione Skye in...Say Anything...)
if we were there, now, the backseat of a car, in a rainstorm...
to recapture that innocence--
that breathlessness of not knowing how far it would go...
you. and me.
as teenagers...

11:34 am
ok, i'm posting that fantasy.
sorry for all of the super lame filler...

march 25, 2005

The hot humid air clings to us, and the ceiling fan merely stirs the soup of it.
I can't sleep, so I go turn on the shower--
nice cool water.
I stand under it, feeling so refreshed and awake after the lethargy of the tropical afternoon.
The sound of the shower curtain opening startles me--
a gasp that turns into a huge smile.
I make room for you under the cooling spray, and you smile at how alive you suddenly feel.
You bend and take my nipple in your mouth, your hand cradling my soft breast.
Your other hand slides down my back, across my ass, and around to my freshly shaven mound.
Your fingers move magically across the folds, drawing out the hot slick wetness, and extracting the first small moan from me.
You look at me, and I lean into you, holding you in a long kiss.
You sink to your knees...
I lean back,
the cool water washing over me,
and feel your tongue pressing so gently into me.
(author's note: I just shivered at that image...)
You savor the taste, and delicately shove me to the edge of climax--
holding me there, as I fight to not slide down the wall of the shower,
panting, writhing, clawing at the tile in vain.
When the shuddering has finally subsided, you stand and hold me--
hold me up.
You kiss my collarbone, on up my neck, and breathe softly into my ear, taking it gently in your teeth.
This flips a switch in my groggily sated self, and I attack--
needing you inside me, urgently.
I savagly kiss you, pressing you against the wall,
one hand contrastingly gentle on your balls.
You shiver at my touch and regain control--
pinning me, and impaling me in one breath.
I let out a soft sound as I take you in, and wrap one leg around you.
the cold water drives needles into our skin, as you thrust into me, over and over...
both of us reaching the peak at the same time,
letting out primal cries together.
we slide into the tub and one of our toes knocks the plug into place and another turns the flow of water from shower head to tub faucet.
we snuggle close in a pool of cool, clear water, my hand tracing your pecs, your hand resting on the curve of my ass.

have a fantastic weekend
go outside
have sex
...but not in that order...
and, most importantly, do something nice for the one you love--
without motive.

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