Saturday, June 11, 2005

I was just thinking...

and it hurt like hell.
but seriously...
I don't remember what I was thinking about so I might as well drop it.

So I almost wore my "I Suck, but at least I'm good at it" tank top to the gym yesterday...
but I chickened out.
it has the URL on the back...
and I just didn't feel like drawing that kind of attention.
to myself.
the blog?
fine--bring it on.
but I'm not so sure I want local strangers wandering around here.
that could get awkward.
I'm thinking of starting a campaign to prove to all you sorry unbelievers that Utah does indeed have hot hot hot construction workers/landscapers.
My favorite radio station has a huge blue collar following, especially during the lunch hour, which is hosted by a woman...
I'm thinking she could put the word out,
stir up a little interest.
but, again, that leads to locals getting the URL.
what to do, what to do.

It's a cool and cloudy weekend, as predicted.
so, good thing camping's off.
I really feel restless.
I need to doooooooooo something!!
go somewhere
I need to push limits,
and sniff out boundaries--
just so I can slide my little foot right over them.
ahh...that would be a rush.
I would giggle and then trip and tumble across.
invisible boundaries are funny like that.
I'm still waiting for those damn wings in my back to unfurl and take me--
over the mountains, across the plains,
to my ocean.
to familiar sights sounds smells.
to the not desert
to the not religiously oppressive
to the un dry
the un hot
the un treeless
moss and ferns and little clear streams....

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