Monday, June 13, 2005

Mondays ROCK

they do?
sssh! just go with it, ok??
yeah...I one's going to buy it, though.
oh, shut up.

so who had a great weekend?
I'm pretty sure I did.
so that counts for something.
had a swimming pool-sized mug of beer last night,
with the youngest of hubby's 5 brothers,
who turned 21 last week.
he's still pretty excited about the whole thing--
it's cute, really.
in a "holy shit was I ever that young???" sorta way...
and my damn 15-year-old BABYSITTER--
kept telling the damn 15-year-old boys she was talking to on her damn cell phone
that I am 40.
when they asked her if I was hot, she said yes,
bless her.
and she corrected my age, too.
I suppose, to a 15 year old, 30 is the same as 40.
but still.
it was highly offensive.
for 2.3 seconds.

ok, time to figure out a plan for the day.
time to prioritize, and rearrange--
and shower.

Housewife out--

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