Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lightening crashes...

Last night, Max and I sat on the back porch and watched lightening cut through the sky.
it was intense.
I think the best way to die would be to be struck by lightening--
hell, I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet,
what with all my blasphemy and hedonistic living.
I can hope, I guess...
It was beautiful, though.
all over the sky, just flash after flash--
jagged streaks, and muffled blasts.
the thunder played an unexpectedly small role in the events.
and the storm itself seemed to have materialized out of...
It was warm and there was only a little rain,
so we sat, gasping and pointing.
little guy talking a blue streak...
we saw a greenish flash, at one point,
which seemed to indicate a strike.
the power of all of nature is what I am drawn to--
the power in the engine of a big truck, or a rumbling Harley.
the power of great knowledge.
there was a power to the charisma of my husband--
the way he has of making people like him.
everyone does--
even when he's an asshole, so the saying goes.

my trainer kicked my ass soundly today.
ever work out shoulders and the next day do chest?
not so pleasant.
as it turns out, you use your shoulders for a lot of the chest presses.
so, my already tired shoulders took a bit of a beating today.
my pecs don't feel much, but that's ok.
I discovered the lil mormon fart has a one month old baby.
I'll use that against him if I have to.
(no, I don't know what the hell that meant. it just sounded tough.)

spent the afternoon at the swimming pool.
met a nice mom, with a son entering kindergarten this fall, too.
there were too many high school kids there, for my tastes.
yes, I was just jealous of their little bikini-ness.
one of the little trollops had an obvious boob job, though.
16 and plastic surgery???
gimmeee a break.
that's enough of the bitterness...
I had a lovely time.
read my book, played in the water.
I loooove my new swimsuit, too.

Now it's time to go get ready for Tee Ball.
yet another shower.
no help required, thank you very much.
unless you're going to be around...

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