Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm giggling...

over all sorts of things.
firstly, the sight of my husband
washing the taste/smell/stickiness
of meeeeeee
off his hands before returning to a client to finish an install.

also, that orgasm mine field I just crossed was brutal.
in a fucking great way, of course.

and we finished planning our Vegas weekend--
gonna see some shows.
but not this one
or this one.
I thought we should either see both, or neither...
we chose neither.
we're like, so above such things.
besides, Zumanity's way hotter.

today was a day of good workout, baaaaad diet.
and a bizarre little shopping trip,
with a bizarre little friend of mine,
and a bizarre little friend of hers.
ok, maybe there was far less bizarreness going on, but it felt good to write that.
I was on a roll--
but not a dinner roll,
and not a toilet paper roll,
and certainly not an acting role.
although, as I've mentioned before, I realllly think I should be an actor.
because my face shows emotions very clearly, and I have (er...correction, had) a good memory.

I'd like to know where the fucking bloody hell the sun has gone.
oh yeah, it came back!
but that was after I had given up hope.
but wait--
I had a good reason.
after the gym, I wanted to take a bath and read my book.
so I got the boys settled in their room--
one playing with his train set,
the other completing word games on the computer.
as soon as I turned on the water--
they both came running, stripping along the way.
I insisted that this was mommy's time to have a bath, and they could not join me.
I ran them a bath in their (damn) bathroom.
they got in.
I got in mine.
I sighed...
picked up my book, found the book mark and-----
upon investigation,
there was NO cause for such noise.
their bath toys were strewn across the floor, leaving puddles and I still don't know what the screaming was about.
so that was the end of their bath.
so what the hell was my point?
cuz I did have one, and it wasn't the bath tangent.
oh yeah--
that's what ruined my mood.
so after the bath I couldn't stand the thought of putting on anything but PJs.
so we ordered pizza and watched silly 80s movies and Full House.
they were rapt, by the way.
wrapped? (in blankets)
rapped? (on the noggin)
warped? (sense of humor)

so due to this weather
and my flipped upside-down-even-if-it-was-in-good-ways life
and other such things--
something inside me changed.
I don't know when, exactly.
and I don't know why--not really.
but i've been fighting against it,
trying to outsmart it.
trying to outmanuever it.
trying to...
get back, get back, get back to where I once belonged.
(go beatles)
when I think about (you, I don't touch myself) this,
I remember how I used to feel when I wrote certain things,
and it's just different now.
but I'm cool.
not "as a cucumber", because they say you should keep them in water,
in the fridge, and frankly, I would not stay as crisp as they do, but
I, instead, would get prune-alicious.
Mom? do cucumbers come from pickles?
no...pickles come from cucumbers, baby bear.
and this is the fast track back to feeling up like myself...

hi, my name is Lisa.
and I'm a _________-aholic.
doesn't matter which addiction.
just ask Chuck.
or Ed.
but don't ask Brad, cuz he's just an alter ego, and they're kinda smarmy.
oh, I'd still do him,
(but only cuz his brother looks like you.)
nah, your brother looks like him.
forget all that.
you're my romeo, (call me juliet)
my cowboy on a steel horse, (i'll call you jon bon)
my heart beating from the world created by the ink on your skin
your breath reaching my ear over the oceans mountains plains deserts--
my deck of cliches,
shuffled and held above my head, ready to drop--
fingers releasing them to tumble over my naked body,
their smooth coolness reminding me that you only live in my head.

so once upon a time there was a girl who preferred to write bloggy posts at night.
her husband needs to get busy buying her a laptop, so that they can sit in bed together and be super huge nerds with their laptops.

if you have any juice, please share it with me, as I am painfully dehydrated.
ok, that's a lie, and I wouldn't drink juice if I was dehydrated.
nor soda.
nor gatorade.
water and only water.
for I loveth the water and the water loveth me.
and I swear to god, jesus, and their red headed step child, that I did NOT take any drugs of any sort today.
thank you, goodbye.

so post-coital posting is a good idea.
or at least it produces strange and exotic things.
from the girl next door.
how'd she get in here???
did I mention the 20 year old across the street likes to wash his truck a lot?
with his shirt off?
he tinkers with his dirt bikes, too.
I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm hotter than I am.
just like you guys.
which is just how I like it.
if you survived this, leave a comment...

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