Monday, June 20, 2005

Mondays are for foggy heads...

which is not the same as FogHat.

The weekend was great--relaxing, refreshing, etc.
we didn't gamble,
unless you count that sushi I got at the buffet...
hey, at least it was an expensive buffet--
so that counts for something.

Vegas has changed sooo much since the first time I was there,
eleven years ago.
I remember when the Luxor was not surrounded by other giant buildings.
I remember when the Venetian didn't take up a 3 mile swath of the city--
not that I'm complaining; it's gorgeous.
we had a lovely suite with a lovely view--
not that we ever opened the drapes.
we made it to Zumanity, and were blown away.
it was really beautiful, and funny and sexy.
hey--just like me!!!
no, but those dancers sure did inspire me to hit the gym even harder--
the guy sitting next to us was offended by the sexual content and left.
fucking loser.

and then there was Hooker Watch--
we had no way of proving our suspicions, of course,
we certainly had fun picking them out.
with their bright lipstick and their overly-enthusiastic conversation--
one-sided, as the John was too busy trying to look cool or law-abiding or unmarried or whatever.
the matter of the cross-eyed salesman,
whose accent my husband guessed was BROOKLYN.
no, sweetie.
it's most assuredly latin-based.
spanish or italian--
and I am ashamed to say I only threw in the "italian" because he was fair skinned and blonde...
I didn't know Cubans could look like that--
I plead ignorance.
he was pretty cool, even if it was impossible to look him in both eyes at once...

we ended up lounging around the room all evening on Saturday--
yes, there was some sex involved,
and the husband falling asleep around 10.
so I got up and showered,
got ready, and woke him
(several times)
and then we went and met up with his brother, over at a different casino.
we ate and talked--good times.
then we watched the brother burn through almost a thousand dollars at the craps table.
(sorry, couldn't resist...)
he started winning some back, at black jack,
but we went back to our hotel around 3, so we don't know what happened.
he's a risk taker--
better at business risks than Vegas risks, I think.

so that's about it.
good times.
and I got to spend my entire 30th birthday in the car.
so that was cool--
stupid planning on my part, really.
oh, and I discovered that staying at the casino hotels sucks.
because it's impossible to get to your room.
through the gaming floors, up an elevator and down
a hallway.
our room was the last one at the end of that hallway,
and the key cards they gave us didn't work.
so hubby trekked downstairs.
and back.
and still no dice.
on his THIRD trip back to the check-in desk,
he demanded a new room.
they also gave us a 50$ credit,
which we used to get room service for breakfast on my actual birthday--
totally sweet.

do I feel any different as 30?
of course not.
but as it settles over me, I think I will.
I'm still imagining it will be a good thing.
I plan to finally become organized and focused and stuff.
or act like a grownup....?
eh, maybe.

in the meantime, the REAL party's Friday.
me and my girlfriends.
and liquor.
more news on that as it becomes available.

have a great day, and thanks again to all of you who wished me a happy birthday!!

A Maine sunset--a perfect birthday gift from a dear friend/cousin. Posted by Hello

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