Thursday, June 09, 2005

The sun is a bitch--

son of a bitch...?
eh, makes me bitchy, at least.
it's back today, but I'm sure it'll get its tender little feelings hurt and run away soon.
snivelling little bastard.
you can eat my ass.
Why don't you go somewhere you'll be appreciated, like Alaska, or Siberia.
I am so sick of this break up and make up game,
that I am actually considering shacking up with ole cloudy-skies.
toss me a bottle of prozac and an umbrella, and we'll be happily ever after, baby!

so, yes, it's a beautiful day.
but the thunderstorms will be back tomorrow,
and the campground we chose is at the top of the highest mountain in this range,
and is still covered in snow.
50 degree weather, snow, thunderstorms?
camping is cancelled.
I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

and do NOT get me started on my MISSED girl's night last ngiht.
ok, do get me started.
hubby: If you stay home, I'll give you a foot massage, a back massage, all the orgasms you can take, anyway you want 'em. I'll watch the kids, you get to pick the movie, and I'll take care of dinner.
compelling arguement, eh?
(that was basically verbatim)
He persuaded me--
to cancel on friends at the last minute for a luxurious evening with him.
I should have known it was too good to be true, even if he did have good intentions...
his idea of watching the kids was to get them a movie, too,
only they weren't in the mood for a movie.
HE, on the other hand, fell asleep within 30 minutes of getting back from the movie store.
leaving me to manage sugar-crazed demons children for the next 4 damn hours because they had a stupid fucking late nap.
thanks for .

my head hurts.

I need......
I need it to be next weekend, right now.
next friday, we head to Vegas, sans les enfants.

oh, and I have a flat tire, so I'm not going anywhere today.
some cyclist who was next to me at a stop light pointed it out.
fortunately I was only 2 blocks from home, so I just kept driving.
who knows how long it's been flat, even.

I think I should take a deep breath, hit "delete post" and start over, fresh.
but I'm not gonna.
I might as well get all the venom out now, here.

Ok, I think that might be enough of a rant/tantrum for today.
a Rantrum!!!!
I fucking love it!
a new word was created, so it was worth it.
and I'm feeling better...

I really need to get out of this funk, though.
My bursts of creativity are so far apart...
they're like gas stations on a lonely highway, to the outter most tip of some low-population state.
I want to visit every state--and in each state I want to experience towns, cities, summer and winter.
when I first met my husband, I remember asking him if we could spend the next 50 years living in each state for a year.
what I didn't realize at the time, was that he had already spent his whole life moving to a new place every year.
He was as eager to be stationary as I was to purchase some.
I keep reading over the Sudy Abroad section of my university's catalog...
not gonna happen.
but, boy would it be great.
I guess I have a mutated strain of the Peter Pan Virus.
I'll live.
there's a cure, I think.
it's my fingers, plus one keyboard, and a dash of imagination.
I'll write my way out of it, if only I can have some quiet for long enough to compose a sentence...

The last thing I want is for anyone to read here today and leave feeling even 1% less
happy than when they arrived, so I guess I'll have to flash you.
just kidding.

dammit, i thought today was Friday.
I guess I can't write a fantasy Friday, then, can I?
I might, though...for tomorrow...
give MYSELF a kick in the pants.

but really, have a great day.
and ignore my moods, they'll change shortly anyway!!!!
(ha! I crack myself up!)

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