Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Hump Day, to you and yours--

I hope you make the most of this beautiful day, neighbor.
nah, none of you are my neighbors.
but you wish you were.

last night I woke up from weirdo dreams,
in a fevered state.
parched, sweltering.
I opened windows, and cranked the A/C.
I was nearing panic, so I began stripping,
and sliding ice cubes over myself.
and for once, I wasn't even thinking about how sexy it would sound to describe.
I was miserable.
finally I cooled down enough to sleep.
then at 5 bloddy a.m., hubby's alarm went off.
he was NOT quiet in his preparations, either.
banging of the shower door, the medicine cabinet, a cupboard, a drawer.
good thing he doesn't usually get up that early.

we watched this really fucking cool documentary on the making of the first Star Wars movie.
it was called...umm..."Empire of Dreams", I think.
it was fascinating.
they had a lot of problems.

I did have some kookified dreams, though.
I can't remember them, so don't worry--
no long and rambling account to follow.

my kids are devoted to the destruction of my concentration ability.
just thought I'd share that with ya.

we went to the pool yesterday, even though half the sky was filled with the most enormous black storm.
it was heading straight for us, but I thought maybe we could get a little swim in first.
five minutes.
or less.
and the rain started peppering the ground.
and me.
it seems to be something I have the knack for, lately--
on saturday I took my car through a car wash.
not ten minutes later,
in the middle of a gorgeously blue-skied day,
quarter-sized dollops of rain dotted the sidewalk, and quickly overlapped each other.
"wicked pissah", as the hometowners would say.

well, I'm off to see the wizard.
my self-inflicted torture awaits me, at the gym.
I might just post pictures of my re-org project if you're lucky.

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