Thursday, August 26, 2004

what the FUCK day is it??

oh yeah.
one of my top 7 favorite days of the week.
yes, i know.
that was LAME.
...don't pretend to be surprised.
i am the queen of lame.
or at least the grand dame of lame...
but that's annoying, because dame and lame don't actually rhyme.
if you pronounce it frenchly, at least.
don't look at me like that--"frenchly" is a word.
cuz i said so.

i did it.
i made brownies today.
stupid girl.
i used to be effortlessly thin.
then i got married...
gained a few.
got pregnant.
gained an average amount.
sat at home with twins...
depression set in and i turned to food for joy...
i should have just had more sex.
i ALMOST have my body back.
so i should quit whining.
that is soooo not what you guys come here for.
did i just say "come"?
what i meant was "cum"...
you might think i'm not this dirty mouthed/minded in real life...
but you'd be wrong.
i am married to the foulest man on the planet (handsome sweet devil that he is...)
and i keep up.
hell, sometimes i even gross HIM out.

i need a beer.
(for the record, i wrote this at 8 wednesday NIGHT, and changed the post time)
i don't drink in the morning.
and i DON'T drink around my kids.
...even if sometimes i'd like to!!
you don't come here for that crap either.

i've been a little more sexually charged this week, than usual.
let's carry on the trend.
make this full frontal sex week.

(my favorite beginning for one of these...)

if you were here...
i would climb you,
pull you to me...
i would lick you,
suck you,
bite you.
if you were here,
i just might cry
with a smile on my face.
i just might cum...
with you on my face...
if you were here
there would be no words.
there would be breathing and sweating and needing and moaning.
there would be shudders.
there would be sighs.
if you were here.

i know it feels like friday, but it's not...
happy thursday, kids.

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