Monday, August 16, 2004

Just another not-so-manic Monday

and you wanna know WHY?
it's not manic because i'm not manic.

it is a busy day though.
i called the vet (yaaaaaaay me!)
and i'll take the wee one in today.
and there's always the gym--wouldn't want to miss hot boy monday!!
and becky's on her way over to hang.
AND i get to go to the post office and retrieve my CAMERA!!!!!!!!! stay tuned for pictures.
as well as taking my step son to meet his dad at the waterpark.
that's a lot of stuff for me.

so, just a quick post today.
but i wrote over the weekend, so if you didn't read those, please do.
or go fuck yourself.
but at least do one or the other--promise me!!
you'll either read my posts or have a romantic time with yourself.

so, some of you may have heard these silly expressions:
Gonna hang out with my wang out.
Gonna rock out with my cock out.

totally juvenile and all that jazz.
still cracks me up though.
cuz i love rhymes and i love phalluses.

i thought of my own, female versions...

Gonna sit out with my tit out.
Gonna sit out with clit out.
Gonna trot out with my twat out.
Gonna pass out with my ass out.

i have already made an appointment with a therapist.
for electroshock therapy and a possible lobotomy.
you may rest easy.

also, have a great monday.
pretend it's friday, if you want.
as in, leave work a little early and meet some friends for happy hour.
ooooh, happy hour.
maybe that's where i'll go this afternoon.
OR go to the titty bar and waste a whole wad of ones.
OR go to my wishlist and buy me something.
it's right over there on my sidebar.
come on....
you KNOW you want to.
if you do, i'll send you naked pictures.
(probably of my kids in the tub...)

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