Tuesday, August 10, 2004

itty bitty pretty kitty....

came home with us today.
the kids are tripping all over themselves with delight.
and so far my husband's lungs have not exploded.
i showed her where the litter box is, but she hasn't used it yet.
so i'm stressing myself out about that.
pictures will follow...

which reminds me!
my mom called.
they found the camera.
what a relief!!
of course, the husband is still concerned that they'll see the nude pictures on it.
he is forgetting that they still have trouble working the VCR, for chrissakes.
like they would ever figure out how to turn it on, or for that matter, find the button to turn on the LCD??
i'm not worried.
okay, maybe a little.
i mean...
my parents know i'm a bit of a wild child...

did i also mention that i brought my old cheerleading uniform home with me?
it fits.
brings back some great memories.

when we got home, we discovered that the people who watched our kids for the first weekend of our trip had left the oven on.
the whole house was filled with gas.
they did, however, leave the house perfectly clean.
dishes done, sheets changed, trashes emptied.
so, it's cool.
no damage done.

had a great workout today.
triceps and back.
30 min on the bike.
give me 3 more workouts and i won't feel like a heifer anymore.
give me 3 more weeks and i won't look like a heifer anymore, either.
i MAY have gained some weight on vacation...
i haven't checked yet, but i'm pretty sure.
from dunkin donuts to fried seafood to blueberry pies to lobster drenched in butter...
there's no way i escaped a few extra lbs.
i'm still pretty on the inside.

i'm hungry.
does anyone want to come over and cook me dinner?
yeah, i didn't think so.

the kitten thinks it's cool to walk on my keyboard.
guess what i think?
NOT cool.
and now she's sitting on my shoulder.
which is substantially more cool.
minus the cat-ass in my face part...
which reminds me--
cats don't like riding in cars.
not this one, at least.
maybe it's the car, maybe it's the cat.
but they didn't work well together.
she clawed me to shreds while i drove...
it was great.

so does anyone have a suggestion for what we should name the little beast?
(sassy pants cat-haters keep your shit to yourself)

and in the meantime, i think i'll just keep reminding my kids that it IS a kitty, but its name is NOT kitty...
they're a little confused.

after receving several comments, i was reminded that it might be a good idea to add a description of the kitten for a better selection of names:
she is a standard tiger--grey/brown with a white neck and one white sock.
she cries a LOT...
she likes to be held and snuggled.
so there.
name her please.

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