Saturday, August 21, 2004

saturday mornings and hangovers...

go together like a horse and carriage.
or soemthing.

had a bit of a girls' night out last night.
Becky and I tore up the town.
...or at least sang some really bad karaoke.
speaking only for myself there, of course.
she can actually hit notes.
i swat and miss, for the most part.
but it was good times.
we laughed a lot and danced some.
the main thing is that i drank too much.
fortunately she didn't.
but i was a bit staggery.
and i just realized something.
the last thing i remember, i was naked.
and i'm wearing pajamas now.
my shirt was on inside out and backwards.
eh maybe i put them on and i just can't remember...
better call the mr. and ask him.
that would be so cute if he dressed me--i hate sleeping naked.
i know, i know.
that's highly un-sexy.
i don't mind wandering around the house naked.
or cooking naked.
or doing much of anything naked--besides sleep.
so make a note of it.

i believe i successfully wiped out my hangover with watermelon.
could be a new cure.
i feel almost whole, at this point.

my kitten has taken to sleeping on my pillow.
while i'm using it.
it's not so bad, but...
i'm just not a fan of having pussy in my face.
couldn't resist.

and now i think i'll go do something productive.
i've added some new blogs to my listy list, and you should read them.
and i'll be adding some new buzznet pictures in a minute.
nothing to get too excited about, but check em out.

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