Friday, August 13, 2004

Fantasy Friday

oooh, friday the 13th!!
my favorite...

my fantasies have been too...
focused, lately.
i need to let my thoughts wander,
caressing each of you and pulling from you the way in which i might affect you...
imagining myself with you.
doing all the dirtiest things in my playbook.
inviting you to the party in my pants. heh.
so here i go--wish me luck.
(i dont think it's a coincidence that 'luck' rhymes with 'fuck')


if i worked at your office...
i would probably never flirt with you.
but i would watch.
and i would dream...
our eyes would meet once in a while--
like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar...
we would both blush just a little, and look away.
one day.
i would be sitting alone in the break room.
reading Charlotte's Web.
eating chocolate cake.
and you would walk in.
with a bag of popcorn for the microwave.
i would glance up, my reading glasses making your heart race.
i hope that on that day, i would be wearing a long skirt.
and a simple shirt, seemingly modest--but somehow still drawing your eye so directly to the hint of cleavage, the curve of breast...
i would swallow hard at the pressure forming around us--
two animals alone in a small room.
two beings of poetry and hope and passion.
your crisp shirt tucked in, your tie just so...
i would have to force my eyes away from you,
fearing that you would see the lust dripping from them like tears.
i think that just then, another co-worker would walk in.
shattering the tension like a thin piece of glass.
your popcorn would finish popping, and you would leave...
...but not before catching a glimpse of me--watching you.
if we were really lucky...
that would be the day that my car wouldn't start.
and you would be leaving the office at just the right moment...
and your mouth would somehow co-operate, and offer help--
even though your mind would be filled only with me,
and your obsession to see me naked, to touch me.
you would dare to offer me a ride home.
i would accept, as my mind would begin to race:
when did i last shave? is my bedroom clean?
we would arrive at my little house, surrounded by trees.
i would panic at the thought that you might not come inside.
miraculously, i would affect a casual tone and invite you in for a beer--some dinner?
we would make it to the kitchen...
and as i leaned into the fridge for a couple of cold brown bottles...
you would step closer--involuntarily, i think.
two bottles in one hand, i would turn back to you.
and my heart would skip sideways in my chest.
blindly, i would place the bottles on the counter--my eyes locked on yours.
without a word, your hand would be at my waist, our lips coming together in the most urgent way.
my hands would probably be on your neck, pulling you to me,
just as your hands would most likely settle on my lower back, pulling me to you.
one hand would travel up my side--being drawn to my breasts by instict.
your kisses would satisfy me down to my toes--
that swirling sort of satisfaction that inspires greater need.
my knee would probably slide up your side.
you would definitely remove my shirt.
my mouth would tremble at the emptiness left when yours began travelling down my neck...
across my collarbone...
continuing down to the two softest parts...
i'm pretty sure that you would lift me to the counter at that point.
and we would kiss some more, your hands finding their way so smoothly up my legs, under that long skirt.
you would moan just a little as i slid a hand down the front of your pants.
I would moan just a little as i found my target.
you would bite my lip as you discovered my lack of panties, lack of hair.
this would drive you to unbuckle your own belt, fearing that i would be too slow.
i would take your shirt off--not very carefully--buttons flying.
and from the counter we would move to a couch--
you laying me down.
you, kissing from the inside of my knee, up...up...
licking softly until my nails pierced your skin.
i think you would look up at me with a sly little grin at that point...
and then you would move into place, kissing my neck, my ears.
i would lift my hips into you and we would find a rhythm.
we would whisper things that neither of us would forget.
i would be sure to try out on you each of my favorite positions, moves, props...
just in case.
not once would we think about the possible awkwardness at encountering each other in the office.
there would be no awkwardness, if i ever stumbled across you in the vast stretch of possible futures, presents, pasts...
it would be...

have a great weekend kiddos!

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