Wednesday, August 11, 2004

a post, eh?

yes...a post.
i am feeling rather muse-ified...
my muse and i...
standing up from behind the couch,
adjusting our shirts,
wiping the smeared lipstick from the corners of our mouths...
my muse and i...
drank too much wine, and made out behind that couch.
you don't kiss bad--for a girl, he said.
i slipped into my heels, and glanced around the room.
no one saw us.
what a relief...
next time i'll get a back rub out of it, instead.
...although gay men DO make good lovers...
(at least that's what my mom always said...)
if you knew my mom, that would be especially funny.

my sons both painted all their toenails (and most of their toes) with pinkish nail polish today.
not that the color was what made it bad...
i mean, blue or black would have been just as feminine, for hell's sake.
and i can't find my polish remover.
they also managed to drop the bottle, leaving a long line of the stuff across the carpet.
double grrrrr.

today was hot boys at the gym day.
it's getting kind of old...
that'll never get old.
the one i call "Adonis" was particularly sparkly today.
i was thinking about going up to him and saying, "you must get a lot of girls..."
he'd say yes.
then i'd say, "if you're interested in getting fucked by a woman, let me know..."
...somehow, i think that might be a little too direct.
oh yeah--and also, NOT SOMETHING I WOULD EVER DO.
but it sounds like fun.
cuz, serioiusly.
when i think about the kind of sex i had as a younger woman...
compared to the skill i've acquired...
i feel kinda bad for 20 year old guys who are only screwing girls their age.
sad, sad world.

while i'm on the deep thought path...
anyone ever think about---
i couldn't think of a deep thought.
what a shocker.

oooh, but here's something cool:
i have made 600 posts.
that's a LOT of drivel.
i am, actually, impressed with myself for having so much crap to spew.
...but not surprised.

have you ever found a 4 leaf clover?
seen a double rainbow?
made a wish on a falling star?
seen a dolphin in the ocean?
been in love?

me too.

please do not let me forget to write a little something sweet and/or sexy for friday.
cuz i would rather eat glass than fail to give countless anonymous boners...
(which is a more selfish thought that it sounds like, trust me...)

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