Tuesday, August 31, 2004

is it time for me to kick some ass?

i think it might be.
...so who's first?
what, no takers??
how about if i sweeten the pot a little?
i'll kick your ass, relentlessly--but i'll do it topless.
that's better.
line up by age; i'll start with the oldest.

so my husband took my laptop to work today.
and i'm kind of off-kilter, trying to use his.
i mean, for starters, the 21-inch monitor is rough...
i have to turn my friggin head just to see everything.
and the 'F' key works.
that's just plain confusing.

watched Kill Bill vol. 2 last night.
loved it.
i actually enjoyed it even more than vol. 1.
and not JUST because Pisser's ass is in it.
(but mostly).

also, i woke up with a severe case of stomach issues.
good times.

the good news is, i'm currently in negotiations for going to an outdoor concert tonight.
i like, don't love the bands--but it's still live rock and it's outside.
that's all i need.
that and front row joe, a.k.a my brother in law.
as i've said before, going to concerts is pointless if you're not in reaching distance of the performers.
i might even take an extra bra to throw on stage.
or some nude photos with my URL...
not a bad idea, actually.

oh, and if i don't end up going to the show, it's girl's poker night.
so either way--today is a good day.
make yours good, too.
(that's an order, dammit! no whiners welcome!!)

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