Monday, August 30, 2004

a deep growl is building inside

for no reason at all.
this lack of purpose makes me even more angry.
usually a good workout will kick any bad mood's ass.
not today.
i beat the shit out of a punching bag.
that helped.
for a minute.
i just ate some chocolate...
the sun is starting to shine.
how sick is that??
apparently i have an addiction or something.

anyway, i felt like i owed you folks a better post.
don't get your hopes up--i make no promises.
maybe i'll tell ya the dirty details of my weekend.
or maybe not.
maybe i'll toss a web cam into my shower and set up a live feed.
or maybe not.
maybe i'll stretch and yawn and scratch my ass.
yeah, that sounds good.
minus the ass scratching.
there weren't even any cute boys at the fucking gym today.
what the hell is THAT all about??
i can't decide if that contributed to my bad mood or not, though.
normally i would say it had, but today...i don't know.
i was feeling generally crotchety.
like i'd sooner rip off their balls than bat my eyes.
or punch one of them right in the nose, rather than do a curtesy "bend over nice and slow to pick up that weight so the cute boys can see my thong".
i don't ever actually DO that.
way too trashy for me.
i know what you're thinking...
nothing's too trashy for YOU, Lisa!!
this may be true in cyberspace, but not in real life.
so back the fuck off, fuckers.
again, keep your damn judgements to yourself.
i'm a woman on the edge.
...or somewhere within sight of the edge, at the very least.

i'm glad the growls have receded...
my other half will be home soon and i hate being grumpy for no reason when he gets here.
i'm hungry.
maybe that's why i was so fucking ornery.
i don't know where my head is.
i usually know myself better than that.
oh well.

i said i couldn't promise a better post...
and i think that's good.
no expectations means no disappointment.
so go fuck yourself, or the nearest willing warm body.
i'll be back tomorrow.

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