Wednesday, August 18, 2004

just a little post...

to accompany my toast.
sometimes i like rhyming...
depends on the timing.

okay, that's enough.
gotta nip that shit in the bud--
or i'll end up with a whole page of meaningless ryhmes.

i skipped the gym yesterday.
oh wait!!
no i didn't.
jesus CHRIST.
i went in the evening, and just did cardio.
so it was sorta inside out and upside down.
but i DID make it.
kinda scary that i forgot...

i also left a frying pan on the stove this morning.
with some butter in it...on high.
for at least ten minutes.
then i started smelling smoke.

perhaps i'm coming down with an early case of Alzheimer's.

i need...
what do i need?
a massage.
a tall, icy cold hefeweizen.
(or 4...)
24 hours of solitude.

Dick suggested a bit of a hump day theme...
but i can see that he has outdone me.
i need a minute alone....

and now i'll go to the gym.
since there is nothing more to say here.
i am spent.
my words have dried up and blown away in the wind.
or possibly they dried up and were shaken out of me by the chaos around me...
it's a phenomenon similar to losing one's marbles.
only worse.
i can actually hear the hollowness inside me if i sit very still.
i KNOW they're dried up.
but i'm pretty sure my words are still in there somewhere...
maybe if i just add water?
or beer!!!

i feel like playing Twister.
or finishing college.
or baking a pie!!!
that's something i can do.
but i won't.

okay, go have a great day.
--and that's an order.

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