Sunday, August 29, 2004

sunday night and i feel alright

actually, i feel exhausted.
but in a good way.
a sunburned, tired body way.
a shoppped til i dropped way.
a partied til the break of dawn way.
a rented 3 DVD's friday and haven't had time to watch them yet way.
so there.

I golfed with my husband today.
and it was a perfect day for it.
the sky was clear blue--i thought there was not a cloud in it.
there was one, very small and sweet, snuggled up next to Mount Timpanoogas.
but that was it.
and the air was cool and warm at the same time...
and i even hit a few good balls.
i think i might be hooked.
it really great.

and last night we had dinner with some good friends, and drinks wtih some other friends.
and karaoke later.
during which some drunken rednecks (one of whom looked EXACTLY like john malkovich, but with a mullet) threw a glass to protest the long wait to sing (that statement is dripping with oxymorons...) and a shard of glass hit our friend in the head, causing a great deal of blood.
yeah, baby!!
cowboy bars.
so the bouncer had a word with them...
not sure what he said, but it resulted in the offender being shoved into a table, which then toppled.
hot damn, i haven't had that much excitment since the Perry Mason marathon on TNT last year.

or something.
but it did make me giggle.

AND i wasn't kidding when i said i shopped til i dropped.
a bit.
there wasn't actual droppage...
but i did an orgasmic amount of shopping.
again, i don't exaggerate.
spending money releases a large amount of dopamine into my system.
school clothes for the boys, and some clothes for me.
some UGG shoes, like the boots only not so trendy/ugly.
...that lining is to die for, i'll give the celebs that.
i think i may end up wearing those shoes 24 hours a day.
might be a little awkward during sex.
or at the gym.
or swimming...
but i don't think i'll care.
it's like have ten thousand kitten lick your feet at all times.
or walking in clouds--only warm...uh...cuz as fluffy and soft as clouds LOOK, well...
they're rather cool and more like mist than cotton candy when you're inside them.
don't ask me how i know.

i stumbled into telling my mom about my fantasy friday stories today.
in a phone conversation...
while shoe shopping.
if you hadn't heard:
my mom is the greatest.
she's an angel on earth.
she's the most "good" person i know.
(although that reminds me that i when i told her i'd take her to The Outback next time she's here since they don't have one anywhere near where they live if she was good...she said, "how would you know if i had been good? the bad things i do, no one knows about." freaked me the fuck out!!)
she was ultra supportive and enthusiastic, laughingly demurring from reading them...

and i think i'm going to pass out now.
i'm not sure why i'm so tired.
but if any of you think you might like to try the new mountain dew flavor: pitch black?
do not waste the buck.
or the energy.
or the time.
or the plastic/aluminum.
okay, it's not THAT bad.
but i'd rather drink Moxie.

okay, back to the sleep thing.
yes, it's 8:30pm.
i'm almost 30, so go fuck yourself.

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