Monday, August 30, 2004

mondays are for sissies

that's right, punk.
you heard me.
so you can take your god damned monday and shove it up your ill-formed ass.

i think i know what my problem is.
i haven't listened to enough music--loudly enough, solitarily enough--for a really long time.
and it makes me itch...
on the inside.
i need to fly away.
i need to peel of my skin and scratch my musical itch.
i need to fill myself up with the cool water of peace and quiet--
the kind of peace and quiet that is neither peaceful nor restful.
the kind of peace and quiet that would rock me to the tips of my toes.
the kind of peace and quiet that would shake me up and let all my pieces settle down into their rightful alignment.
i want to sing along and sound awful.
i want to shout the words out and laugh at the emptiness around me as my voice falls on my ears alone.
i want to lie still and breathe in the music, letting it be a part of me again as it always was.
i want it to trickle down through me at first, then flood and spill over, causing me to trip on all the notes--the sharps, the flats, the chords...
i want to float on the sound waves...
i want to swim naked in the colors of music...

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