Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tuesdays are strange and exotic

not yet.
but they could be.
i'm thinking about launching a national campaign for the glorification of tuesdays...
okay, no i'm not.
that would require "effort" and we all know how i feel about that.

i feel like shit today.
and i have been feeling shitty for a few days.
just kinda a general sickiness accompanied by acute orneriness.
just thought you should know.
in fact, i suck today.
plain and simple.
hell, i suck so bad today i would probably suck at sucking.
and that's just scary.

and i forgot to pick up the camera yesterday.
so no pictures (ass or otherwise) for you today.

the weather is all sorts of fucked up lately.
it's somewhere around 70 degrees today--possibly less.
and cloudy as hell.
you'll have to excuse my amazement...
but you see, it's august.
in utah.
we usually have clear blue skies and 90's for about 3 months straight.
fucking bizarre.

enough of this "day in the life of the most boring woman on earth" crap.

take my hand...
we'll walk through a field of wildflowers...
the bees buzzing and the knocking of cicadas will be all that we hear.
i'll turn to you and slide my arm around your back, pulling you close.
my face in your neck, on tip toes i'll kiss your lips lightly.
sighing, smiling...
you'll spread out the blanket, and we'll fuck like rabbits.

it's NOT friday, people.
come on!!!

okay, honestly i was heading in that direction, but then i got interupted so many times i couldn't think straight.
so there.

and i'm still being interupted.
my kids are apparently feeling as shitty as i am.
or at least feeling like ACTING shitty.

more later.

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