Monday, August 30, 2004

today is one of those days...

one of those days where i'll dream a lot.
one of those days where i'll forget important things, in the real world, and drift a lot.
one of those days where i'll drive with my windows down, my music up, and my arm weaving the air out my window.
today is one of those days where i'll get a great workout and read my new book.
i think today is going to be a beautiful day.

i bought some old lady face cream yesterday...
some anti-wrinkle shit, for around the eyes.
i'm thinking of putting it on my feet...

have i mentioned how sorely disappointed i have been lately, regarding the predictability of movies?
i've seen some real crap.
(bourne supremacy, spiderman 2)
but on saturday we saw Hero, and i was breathless.

also, don't forget: only two months until November 1st.
which means...
be there or be square, bitches.

to hell with this being such a great day--
i can't even write.
you know what would be cool, though?
if i was a cartoon, and i could use a flower as a parachute.
or if i was a butterfly...
okay, so maybe my kids are watching A Bug's Life right now...
and i'm getting distracted.
and to further that distraction, i think i'll just go ahead and log in to 14 different instant message services.
maybe make a phone call.
and fuck this post.
ew...that's quite a visual.

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