Monday, August 23, 2004

all quiet on the western front...

or at least, i live in the west, and my kids are napping.
hallelujah, praise the lord.

i even did an audio post this morning, just like i said i would.
i was in an area with crappy reception.
and while i was listening to the playback
(and discovering that it sounded like shit)
i dropped the call entirely.
fork that.
i might redo it, if i can find the emotional energy...
i'm rather spent from losing something so valuable, you see.
yes, i'm being melodramaticalistic.
because it's fun.
so there.

i thought i had something to say.
mostly just the apology for losing the post.
i had a busy morning, and i'm cold and hungry...
and i shouldn't be cold OR hungry...
it's august, for chirssake's, AND i had a bun-less burger and a salad only two hours ago.
august=hot as hell, food=full.
apparently not.
so maybe i'll go put some slippers and a robe on...
walk around looking like some fucking bag lady.
and eat something highly unhealthy.

bag lady out.

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