Thursday, August 19, 2004

just before sunset...

there was the most glorious thunderstorm.
i took my kids outside and we sat on the grass and watched it come.
there was one small cloud perched next to the enormous bank of clouds--
and we used that as our marker.
it was moving fast, soon that cloud was over us--and HUGE.
there were giant daggers of lightening and claps of thunder, which grew louder as the storm neared.
the rain didn't arrive until very late in the show,
and when it did...
we stood with our arms out and our faces up--laughing.
the clouds were amazing, throughout.
and the lightening thrilled me to the core, as always.
i wanted to leap into the sky and be wrapped in those clouds...
to be the one hurling the lightening around like dishes in an argument.
i wish i could make lightening...

i have pictures from my trip to Maine, i'll be putting up over on buzznet.
and i think it's time to get a new camera.
my aperture seems to be having some issues--staying open too long or something.
i had to screw with some of the pictures to make them show up.
i got some really great shots, so go check em out.

and here's my sweet little Pepper--

and she LOVES my computer...

and that's all for now.
i have some work to finish up before tomorrow, and no babysitter.

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