Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why didn't anyone remind me that it is (was) TUESDAY???

And it's time to post braless squared.
I'm a little disappointed, because the pictures are not the best of the ones we took that night--
and no, that doesn't mean they were less appropriate in nature or anything like that.
They were just more aesthetically pleasing.

Ok, well, FUUUUCK.
I guess Blogger isn't in the mood for Braless Tuesday.
Won't load my pictures.

Today has been a strange day.
A decent day, but quiet.

I had yet another sex dream...
not sure what this means.
This one, however, was much more tantalizing.
It lasted longer and was not starring an ex-president.
He would make Clinton himself switch teams.
It was really cool.
Maybe I'll write it up for you, but I don't know.
At the moment, I am reeling from the impact of
Sadly, that's not a typo.
I wish I was wine-drunk.
Hell, a wine headache is better than THIS kind.
Fireworks were fun and worth it and...
now I'm suffering from the after effects, and that is A-OK.
(as opposed to B-OK, which reminds me, why would you fuck an A when you could fuck a D? Just wondering...)
I will finish this a little later--
when the tornados go to bed.

Scene: later, house of sleeping tornados.

Here's that dream...

I woke up this morning and when I dozed back off I had SUCH a vivid dream about
Oh, god DAMN. It was so amazing. I have never had such a cool sex
dream about a real person.

In the dream, I woke up and went to my bathroom, which morphed into an
office and you were there--
suddenly, immediately next to me and there was not even a heartbeat's
pause before we were devouring each other, ravenously kissing and
I peeled my shirt off and you bent to feed on my tits--straining to
take in large mouthfuls of the smooth flesh.
It was as if you had been sucked into my dimension through a wormhole
or telekenesis or--something!
and then dove for you, tackling you with the ferocity of
a starving tiger.
You pounced back, of course.
We clawed at each other, kissing deeply for a few long minutes--
both of us shirtless, but with a slight hesitancy over the
pants...should we, or shouldn't we?
Fuck that.
With one mind, we both shed our lower clothing and resumed our kissing
and grinding and groping.
I clearly remember this one particular position that I'm not sure I've
ever done before.
Ok, not clearly...almost, though...let's see, it was some sort of
seated position.
You were sitting on the floor and I was sitting sort of on you, but
our legs were locked together kind of. Shit, I wish I could still see
it. I remember marvelling at it, in the dream--and seeing it all very
Kissing you was a miracle in itself--just lips and tongues and

I'm such a blog ho.

Articles to write, free blogging software to curse.
question: why am I doing so much "curse"ing lately??

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