Tuesday, July 18, 2006


My favorite hobby!

Ok, so I have to finish up 3 articles at some point today...
Do you love how I push the limits?
He said, "Due Tuesday."
I say, "Cool. I'll start Monday night."
I got a lot done last night, but I have a way to go.

When I finish, I'm taking the kids to the pool.
I will bring my book and re-read all my favorites, plus try to discover one or two that may have slipped through the cracks on my initial read-through.
If you haven't read these stories, you ought to be shot.

Or not.

I have too many dreams to fit in my head, today.
My timeline is completely fucked up, to boot.
I am going to be hungry soon, and I'd rather just go eat.
But I have stories to write.

Happy Birthday to my favorite nephew!!!
He's 3 today, and could not possibly be cuter or sweeter.

I can't wait until I can blog again...
I feel so disconnected from this odd little world.
Maybe I'll just float away...

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