Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It has been a rainy summer

here in the high desert.

Last night I stepped to the back door to...I don't know, maybe lock it?
And the sky was filled with a thick rainbow--right there above us, like it had arrived on special order.
The whole thing was visible, except for one little spot in the middle-ish where there was a clump of clouds.
It was probably the best rainbow I've ever seen.
I, of course, ran upstairs immediately to bring the boys down to see it.
The looks on each of their faces as they took it in were even better than the brilliant stripes of color.
So amazing.

I had a nice dinner with my friend and her boyfriend.
He was kind enough to take a couple of braless Tuesday photos of us girls.
You'll get them as soon as I do, I promise.

I can't believe I haven't written about my trip yet.
I can't believe I have had neither time nor inspiration to write about it.
I should have.

I woke up growling today.
Don't know why.
I guess I should go eat, so I can fight the blood sugar demons.

And now I'm on the phone, and I lack the interest to come back to this when I finish.

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