Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ok, enough!

I can't stand the thought of that post staying up for long.
I'll only add:
I shopped at a store called "Wizz"!!!


So we made it to "Antony and Cleopatra" last night.
If you haven't read it, I would strongly urge you to do so.
Talk about passionate love!
I'm just in awe.
And not at all in the mood to write.
But I did get some great notes, and really enjoyed the play.
I also ran into the other Utah blogger into whom I have run one other time.
(how'd ya like THAT sentence structure??)
He was with his beautiful wife and their good friend/her co-worker, and they were sititng somewhere right behind us (I think).
Crazy damn small world.
They just walked right past our seats, and he and I kind of did double takes and he, once again, was the one who spoke.
We had brief introductions, but the play was about to start, so they moved along.
It was odd...I was once again unsure of what to say--
even though I half-expected to see them there, and even though he is not a stranger anymore.
Well, I'll just blame my loooooooong day for my fried brain.
But I think what is more likely is that I am much more shy than I'd like any of you to believe.
Don't ask Becky, Justin, Orange, or Whitey.
They will lie and say I'm very outgoing.
They may also lie and say I'm very fat.
Or lie and say that I'm not...
I think I'm going to stop talking about how many bloggers I've met.

Hey, do any of you live in Austin?
Or do you know if it's a cool place to live?
Don't get your panties in a twist, but it's a definite possibility at this point.
I have started poking around on-line and it looks pretty nice.
They have great real estate, but I don't know which area is best.
We can get a house of similar size/quality but with a POOL for about 75% of what we can sell our current home for.
Sounds good to me.
No counting chickens yet, though, the eggs haven't even been LAID, fer chrissakes.
Just wondering.
So, any feedback is welcome.
Unless it's negative.
Now, don't beat me with a hammer or anything, but I will definitely miss Utah if we leave.
My friends and the mountains, obviously.
NOT the specific religious overdose--don't even say it.
I already know that Texas has a lot of religion, too.
Don't say a word.
I can promise you that it will not bother me in the least.
And if it does, it'll be sort of a bemused, outsider's perception of something quirky and/or irritating.
Being in Utah,'s like a 24/7 reminder that I'm not good enough.
Texas, man.
It would be a whole fresh start.
The two main sucks would be: no babysitters, and no friends.'s pretty much up to us.
If we want to move there, we can.
If we don't, we don't have to.
Mr. husband happens to think it will be a really smart career move,
and little Mrs. Me happens to think it would be
a huge relief
to get the kids out of Utah before they get turned into mini-mormons against my will.

For as much as I crave adventure (another word for "change in small doses")...
big things like this scare me a little.
I would be so friggggging far from everybody I know.
No closer to Maine.
I don't know...
I've always kind of said that if we're going to move, I want it to be AT LEAST in an eastern direction.
Texas is so goddamned hot.
And hubby said the ocean is ugly.
....oh, my heart!
You have no idea how that breaks my heart...
it's like...
yearning for canoli for 13 years, and then finally someone telling you you're moving to a cream horn factory.
(I do love me some cream horns, though! Oh, and funnel cakes...god bless IHOP...)

I guess MY panties are in a bit of a twist.
Something to think about, for sure.
I don't know.
With nobody to play with???
And no one to babysit so that at least I can play with myself?
(yes, I saw that coming and wrote it that way on purpose...)
My friends will KILL me.
And I'll miss my brothers, and my husband's brothers.

I think I better stop talking about this like it's a done deal.

Ok, so rah-rah, Shakespeare!!

In about 20 minutes we're leaving for the next play.
A fabulous little farce called "Room Service".
I can't wait!!
And I can't wait to put the article together.

Sorry for the crappy post.
After yesterday's piss-poor post, I should be truly ashamed.

edit: added at 6:31pm

Thanks for the Austin input so far--keep it coming!
I have ONE reservation about moving...
how in the HELL will I survive without Utah to complain about??

Also, we again ran into the Utah blogger, and this time we were able to chat for a few minutes.
And my husband thinks his wife is hot.
(he's right).
I love meeting new people.
So Austin should work out fine...right?
Chickens. Eggs. How 'bout a nest??

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