Monday, July 31, 2006

A Riddle:

What’s even more lame than blogging from vacation?

Blogging more than once from vacation.

Today rocked.
And with leather pants and smashing of many guitars.
…figuratively speaking, of course.
We just came in from a swim (sunset and giant waves!), and before that a delicious dinner with some of hubby’s co-workers and their wives.
They are here as a bonus for the sales team—yes, it was purely coincidental, and actually they’re going to a different island tomorrow anyway.
We also went to Pearl Harbor with them and visited memorials and stuff.
It was interesting and sobering, and I’m so glad we went.
We woke up bright and early (4 hour time difference) and had a wonderful breakfast.
Goooood day.
We also got the rest of our activities reserved for the week, so we’re ready to go.
Just wanted to update…
I hated the thought of that Negative Nelly post lingering any longer than necessary.

I love you all like the hermaphrodite siblings I never knew!
…or something.

Oh, and while we were at Pearl Harbor, I was looking into a window on a Japanese Suicide Torpedo (like kamikaze, but under water), and through the window on the other side there was a guy.
I kept seeing him around the grounds, and then when we were walking back to our hotel from the parking garage (one block away), we passed him on the street.
He smiled a little.
Life has so many coincidences; I love it.
The way we are all connected.
Connections, connections.

Have a happy week—I’m sure I’ll be back with another post and comments soon.

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