Friday, July 07, 2006

Goin' to Arizona to bury a molestor--

Hell YES, it's going to be a good time!
Fucking dirtbag.
One of my best friends' grandfathers, to be specific.
(seems to be a trend with Mormons; someday I MUST do a study on the phenomenon)
So we're going to have a great ole road trip out of it, and start drinking as soon as the shitking is in the ground.
The point is: I'll be mostly out of touch over the weekend.
Maybe an audiopost and some photo-text posts from the phone.
Braless Weekend, baby!

Now: time to shower, finish packing, go have lunch with a non-blogger friend and her rug-type rats., into the great wide open.
As much as I whine about missng my husband...
it kind of feels good to be the one going, rather than the one getting left behind.
Stupid business trips.
...but I do love that paycheck, so there's no complaining!

The girl I'm going with is the world's best editor, so I'm going to have her help me with my semi-shitty Shakespeare reviews.
I've realized the problem with my writing lately...
i'm taking it too seriously.
Something about "theatre" made me feel like I had to be all uppity.
And this is no exception, but after this piece, I think I'll try to loosen up a bit.
I'm sure you were all DYING to know that.

I don't know if I was supposed to write something else with the word "rock", but I am plum out of time.
Mona shoulda known...
That's ok, I think yesterday's post counts.

have happy and productive (or reproductive!) weekends, everybody!


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