Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stormy day

Stormy sky

Windy Rain--and don't you just love how the shitty camera makes my nose look BIGGER??

Twin A

It was a sunny day when we headed to the mini golf course.
We watched a storm hurtle toward us from the east mountains.
Oliver played a whirlwind round of golf--
more like he was a cowboy, wrangling his golf ball from hole to hole.
It was hilarious, and spirit-lifting.
The rain started slowly, in large warm drops,
then picked up density and speed.
The lightening was sprawling across the sky, almost horizontal in its reaching.
We finished our rounds, in no hurry at all.
Then went to Chili's for what the kids immediately dubbed, "slow food."
They're right: it isn't fast.
But it sure was tastier than their choice (McD's).
Then home, boys for a nap in order to be in good spirits for fireworks.
After tucking them into their beds, I returned to the kitchen.
I sidled up to Husband and said, "You should call me 'Cecelia'..." and smiled up at him, with my best attempt at bedroom eyes.
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah. Cuz in about fiiive minutes, you're going to be making love to me, and it's technically 'the afternoon'."
He never did call me Ceclia, but we managed to work the rest of that in.
And out.

I also managed to allay my blood-curdling hatred of Angelina Jolie just long enough to enjoy "Mr. & Mrs. Smith".
The first half of it, at least--I got restless and needed to get back to work.
Good flick so far.

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