Thursday, July 27, 2006

Has anyone seen my head?

No, not my mind this time, just my head.
I've lost it.
I'm pretty sure it's around here somewhere...
Oh, I know!!
It's in Lucy's cleavage.
That would probably be funnier to you if you had been at the Book Club/Wine drinkin' thing I went to last night.
She is one of my new favorite people, I think.
Along with pretty much everyone else there.
It was intensely spiritual, in the end.
I know, you're not used to such talk here, and I'll keep it vague.
But needless to say, we had fun and good food and good wine, but by the end of the night we were all a little bit changed.
No, sorry, this is not code for, "We had a wild lesbian orgie."
There were a LOT of great racks there, though.
We will have to eventually do a photo for ya.
Yes, yes, I'll get around to posting that one eventually.
I uploaded the pictures, through Hello, but I was not in the mood to post.
So, they're sitting in draft and will appear when I'm good and goddamn ready.

Today I have 4 million things to do, which is a little overwhelming.
Shopping and cleaning and organizing in vacation preparation!
I keep worrying that something's going to go wrong.
Like...the plane tickets are screwed up, or the condo is screwed up, or we're going to get mugged or sunburned or shark bitten on the first day.
Or the kids are going to have a rough time, or get mugged or sunburned or...not shark bitten cuz they're in UTAH, but...siiigh.
I guess I can't expect to just float throughmy life in pure bliss all the time, eh?
Worrying is ok sometimes.
It'll help me prevent at least some of those problems.
I just need to shower and eat something and get going.
It's 1pm.
Breakfast, anyone?
I will first make lists of things to do and things to buy.
This should calm my anxiety.

I forgot the BEST part of our little stay in Park City!
Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
A teenage girl (yes, an excruciatingly beautiful one) was sitting on a bench and as we walked by, it looked like she was shoving the last of an ice cream cone or something into her mouth.
Nothing so mundane, nothing so ordinary.
nothing so...
It was her
Fuckin' A right it was!
Our drunk-as-skunk birthday boy said, probably a little too loudly, "Daaaaamn! What I wouldn't give for a piece of THAT!"
He was hilarious the whole time--his wife just kept rolling her eyes.
And I kept saying, "Don't ever give him afternoon lovin' again if this is what happens!"
And D. kept saying, "Man, you're sleepin' on the couch tonight." and "Dude. I am sleeping on my BACK tonight."
Oh, the reason we knew they had some birthday lovin' prior to our arrival is that when we got there, there was a handmade "do not disturb" sign that was of two stick figures doing something rather disturbing!
He was drunk all day.
It was a good time.
But the cell phone eating girl was the icing on the cake.
speaking of cake...
we had an ice cream cake with oreo crust and caramel swirls and....stuff....last night...oh....lord...why does sugar taste like love to me?
WHY??? DEAR GOD, WHY????????
It's ok.
I'm ok.
We're all ok.

So I'm fucking around with my class schedule again.
I found an online course that I could take, but there's a problem.
It fulfills the same requirement as the KICK ASS "Does ET exist?" Astronomy course I have registered for and it looks easier.
The problem is....the Astronomy class would be soooo cool.
Also I can take a Beginning sailing class for 2 credits.
I know, I know.
in UTAH???
Crazy, right?
From what I hear, the Great Salt Lake has pretty decent sailing.
I guess you Great Lakes folks wouldn't be surprised to hear that.
Remember, I'm from the ocean, so lakes don't strike me as proper sailing locations.
They are.

Ok, that's it.
I leave here at about...3 am on Saturday morning for beautiful Hawaii!
I hope I don't get stuck in an erupting volcano or eaten by a shark!

I'll be popping in tomorrow, and DEFINITELY updating from the island.

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