Thursday, July 20, 2006

What a day for a day dream!

Or a fiery rant...

If you're no longer a fan because I've stopped exhibiting the least of my assets, then get a life. You have no idea how offensive that is to me.

As for the rest of you, who understand the value of a human being, it just so happens that I was just getting ready to post my latest braless shot. This little ass polyp just made me reconsider for the moment. Fuuuuuck. I mean, it's one thing to be appreciated for your natural beauty, but it is quite another to be harassed about the lack of NEW pictures of said beauty--are there not enough in the friggin' archives??? Christ.

Rather coincidentally, I just returned from my swimming pool.
Apparently it was fake blondes with fake boobs day and no one told me.
Yes, I would have gladly stayed away, even if that meant I had to digest the entirety of the calories from my lunch (rather than hurling...get it? ha!).
I think Utah is working hard to break my spirit again.

The good news is:
I get to spend the next couple of days in Park City, which is as close to leaving the state as you can get without actually leaving.
A wonderful musical on Friday night and a great day/birthday celebration with good friends on Saturday and a hotel so we don't have to drive home after partying.
gooood times.

Oh...that reminds me.
So I went to that scrapbook-ish party last night.
The lying bitch was there, but everyone else was happy to see me and excited to catch up and stuff.
I don't heal quickly from heart breaks...
it was hard to see her.
Again, I am left wondering.
How can people behave so?
How can someone who seems kind and loving be so cruel and shameless?
How could she believe the things she said (says?) about me?
oh well.
I don't need her.

What a stupid fucking post this has turned out to be.

Maybe it's hard to write when your insides are doing the Time Warp.
I want to set my soul free, and see where it lands.
...haven't found the door to its paddock yet, though.

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