Saturday, July 22, 2006

Too much to say, and copious amounts of time to say it...

Or not.
I can never remember if it's too much or too little, but close enough.

Last night I had a most exquisite dinner with friends,
and then saw the most delightful damned musical I can remember ever seeing--
yes, the best in memory which really only means the best this week, but still.
I will save all my gushing for the review, but it was wonderful.
There were a couple of sexy little gay men behind us, and it turned out that one of them is the house designer for the theatre (and the other does the lighting for modern dance at my school).
Oh, the play is called, "Urinetown"--I know!
Nice name, eh??
It is the story of a time when the water supply is gravely low and because of that problem there are taxes and tarriffs on everything--only public toilets are allowed, and they cost money to use, but they are the ONLY legal option.
It was brilliant.
So much "p" alliteration and "pee" wordplay!
Funny and cheerful, and with a gregarious narrator in the role of a policeman--Officer Lockstock (yes, his buddy's name is Officer Barrel!)
And sweet Little Sally,the youngster with all the insight.
Pure genius.

I also had a FAAAAANTASTIC workout yesterday.
I used the new cardio cinema for the first time--
and I am still shuddering in pure un-orgasmic delight over this little invention.
I ended up extended my usually 15 minute warm up into a 35 minute cardio session.
I prefer doing weights first, but this was a good trade off.

I ALSO had a really cool surprise yesterady:
one of my boys' friends called to invite them over to play!!
It was such an "unexpected surprise (isn't that the only kind?)"--a line from the play.
It was wonderful, though, truly.
So I dropped their ornery little buts off at the friend's house,
and headed for the liquor store.
NO! Not like that--I just had to buy a bottle of Yager for the birthday boy (our friend's turning 40) and some good vodka for the jello shooters his wife commissioned me to make.
She gave me her "40" ice cub tray to make them in, so that's cute.

And did I mention we got screwed out of our babysitter for tonight?
I thought I had a backup plan so I didn't look as hard as I would have if I had known I had no backup plan, and then my backup plan backed out.
(for the record: I'm glad she did. she deserves a fun time, and I'm not in the least annoyed or upset at her. I PROMISE.)
But not until last night as I was driving to Park City, so I ended up nearly killing myself about 5 times on the winding canyon road--writing phone numbers while steering a car is harder than it sounds.
I have only driven to Park City from Salt Lake once before
(most of my life in Utah was spent on the other end of the canyon that leads there)
and I decided to put on mascara while taking my exit and missed the sign that told me which way to go to merge onto highway friggin 40.
So I got off (unfortunately NOT like that) and tried to see some signs, and, knowing I was going east, I got on I-80 going east.
I immediately realized this was wrong.
But the sign said the first exit was in 7 miles.
With unexpected fortune, I came upon (no, again, not like THAT--but I'm beginning to be bitter about the fact that there was none of that) a Ranch Exit after only a mile or so.
Praise the jeebus and his 12 apostle-yptic reindeer!
So I turned around and yadda yadda yadda, I got there.
Oh yeah, I forgot that when I applied my mascara to my FIRST eye I failed to notice that my line was ending and I almost got run over by a semi.
It was pretty fucking ridiculous.
Me, my driving--that's what was ridiculous.
Oh well.
At least I have jello shooters in my fridge.
At dinner my 3 friends all volunteered to come stay with my kids tonight so I could continue with my planned overnight, and I even agreed to let one of them do it, but...
I am feeling really weird about it.
Like she's going to end up hating me, or my kids, or all of us.
And she reads this, so she'll probably come comment that I'm being silly and she doesn't mind at all, blah blah blah, but the thing is, I'm still worried.
My kids rock, they do, but they're also a giant handful.
Like, an armful.
So, we're brain-storming for options I'll be comfortable with.
I'm sure you're dying to know how this turns out.
Dying I tell ya, dying!
Just had an idea....

Ok, well, it'll all be super fun regardless.
Or irregardless.

I hope you're all having happy and satisfying saturdays.
Oh, and we finally picked out a camera.
should be buying it today if all this babysitting crap works out.

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