Saturday, July 15, 2006

Come on baby, make it hurt so good--

No, seriously.
You know you want to.

So my husband has been wooing me latley...
I think he got the point, after last week's semi-nervous breakdown.
Or whenever that was.
He has been extra super special and he claims that on Monday he'll quit smoking and start working out, but we'll see.
These things only bother me in a "you're planning to retire at 45 so you can enjoy life, but refuse to quit smoking and start exercise so you are clearly retarded." sorta way.
I would love it if he would get healthy with me.
It would help me to stay motivated, too.
I mean...I'd hate to be the hot one of the couple, ya know?
That's just not my bag, baby.
Ok, maybe I could handle it, but I prefer to be on equal ground.
And he's a handsome man.
And we all know that I am...uh...really obsessed with my boobs and/or general appearance, so that counts for something.
I'm really not...I swear.

Who gives a steaming pile of shit???
I hate it when my boringness takes over like that.

And now...
I'm waiting for hubby to finish up a fucking quest or some bullshit so we can go have dinner.
I'm smiling, though.
I don't mind at all.

I wish I had something sparkly or sexy to leave with you...
maybe later.

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