Friday, July 28, 2006

Aloha, motherfuckers!!

Ok, so I juse left the best comment in my blogging history over on D-man's site,
so you better go read.
Guess what else?
His is one of the best blogs on this crazy internt circuit, so you damn well ought to be reading it anyway.

I can't decide if it's because I'm about 3 seconds away from a grand vacation,
sans children,
or if it's just time,
but my mojo is rising (mister).
Just thought I'd share.

I feel alive again.
Perhaps my thyroid is stabilizing itself after all the fucking around my doctor did with it.
Damn slutty thyroid.
Or maybe my mental instability is stabilizing itself after all the fucking around I've done with it...
I was so excited last night, I stayed up past 2 packing.
I think I sort of got into the midset that I was leaving today,
because I went so far as to set out the clothes I'm wearing on the plane.
Complete with white underwear (so it won't show through my pants)
and black bra (so it won't look funny under my black shirt with questionably spaced neck hole).
did I mention this bra?
The black one?
I haven't had a black bra in my size since I...expanded.
And I was late for an appointment and desperate, so I didn't try this one on.
They also had a marked lack of decent-looking black bras in the D section,
so it's a C.
Yeah, in case you're wondering: I'M STILL A D.
Stupid girl.
Every once in a while I'll look down and see that my breast has freed itself and I look like I have 3.
It's always my right breast, never my left.
Don't know what that's about.
I probably have a crooked spine or something.

Time to jet.
More later.

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