Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who's going to ride MY wild horses?

...and more importantly, why did that sound so forlorn in my head, but more like porn as I typed it?
I want to gallop on a horse, across a wide open field...
or pound across the still-wet sand left by a receding tide, hooves kicking up clumps of sand.
I was back, I was ready to make sweet love to this blog on a daily basis again--
to wear it like a silk scarf, wrapped around my naked body.
I was ready to sink into the bubbling warmth of it, up to my nose--
hair sprayed out on the water's surface.
I'll be out of touch for a couple of days,
and then very busy for a couple more,
and then prepping for a mid-term,
and then gone for a long weekend of SNOWMOBILING AND HOT TUBS AND !!!
and then...Paris.
And my one true love--
the eiffel tower, the cuisine, the beautiful words flowing past my ears.
Remind me to take long, deep breaths and enjoy it all.
And yes...I realize I said "one" and then listed a few things.
Oh well.
Maybe Paris (the city, not the twiggy slut) and I will run away together...
happily ever after.
Reminds me of something I wrote recently.
In an email.
About running away with something equally impossible.
And it makes me giggle--
pussibly even guffaw.
Oh my...NICE typo.
I am not fixing that sucker.
No way, no how.
Anyway, perhaps my heart will burst wide open and flutter off into the wind,
like the velvet and leather confetti that it is made of...
And that would be ok.
I have dreamed of France for more years than YOU've been alive.
Well, almost.
Not you, or you, but you, certainly.
I am sorry for being such a flakey weirdo with my posts lately.
My thyroid seems to be functioning properly again.
Even hubby noticed.
It feels so fantastic to have energy again for the things I love.
And the things I hate, but must do anyway, like dishes and laundry and sex.
Just kidding on that last one.

Tomorrow morning I'll go get my parents from my brother's house.
I am excited...
Their room is ready,
their bathroom prepped.
Everything is sparkling and there are tulips everywhere
(on your organ if you're lucky, heheheehe).
I could not believe how old they looked when I picked them up on Sunday...
It sort of made my stomach clench all up and push tears into my eyes.
I blinked really fast and replaced them with a smile.
My Dad's knee is bothering him, so he was in a wheelchair.
My worry was quickly replaced when my Mom said he was fine, just his knee.
The great part is that at THIRTY damn years old,
my Dad can still embarass the hell out of me--
he was wearing the brightest damn neon green and pink parka you've ever seen.
And his hunter's orange trucker hat.
aw, fer chrissakes, dad....
boy did he get some stares.
Anyway, it'll be great to have them here,
and I'm still lobbying hard to get them to move here.

So dog sitting was fun.
I could totally handle having a dog if all I ever had to do was walk it.
Walking dogs is fun, even in the bitter cold.
...and not only because I get to spy on my neighbors.

Let it be known, for the record of the universe:
I will find whoever invented Warcraft World, and I will castrate each and every one of them.
I'm lonely.

Driving to school this morning I saw a sign in front of a church.
It said, "Your sins are forgiven."
For about 3.2 seconds, I was really excited.
Yaaay!!! I'm clean, I'm pure!
But then I was just pissed that I hadn't done anything really good before seeing that sign.
If I had only known that my slate was going to be wipe clean this morning, I could have done some major sinning.
Ah well, that's life.
or God's terrible sense of humor.

Happy humping, Wednesday-ers.
I'm off to bed.
With visions of...yeah...that.
oh, that reminds me: I bought a shower massager today.
I swear to all the gods you can list in 40 seconds, that 90% of my motivation is to make for an easier time cleaning the shower.
Cross my heart, hope to petite morte, at least.
It's true.
But I'm digressing and feeling like transgressing,
so I better go.
or get naked so hubby will turn off his game.
(he's not stoooopid, ya know.)
nighty night.

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