Friday, February 03, 2006

It's been a weird day

Like, really shitty traffic a few times, which was strange.
And of course, not getting enough sleep after my paper procrastination technique.
It's possible that I may have said some rash and impulsive things at certain Calamine-lotion-lacking times.
But I also had some brilliant ideas,
had some great conversations,
an incredible workout,
and a lovely (non sexual) bath. (ya damn perverts)
Ok, for the record: I'm the pervert.

I am really sleepy.
But I thought I should post.

There is a guy in class, who I noticed today.
Tall man, small hands--
delicate hands.
Draws to mind an image
His face bears the shadow of one who embodies a cliche.

I knew that Travel Agencies must surely be close to extinction,
but I didn't realize how bad it is.
I got out last year's yellow pages an called a few.
The first one gave me a "new number" message, so I dialed it.
A woman answered, breathlessly, "Hello?"
"Uh...I think I have the wrong number. Is this a travel agency?"
And at that point I'm still unsure, but mostly just pissed at her lack of professionalism beause I knew her answer would be:
That's when I should have said, "What did you do, move the office to your house, but you can't be bothered with an extra phone line???"
She was such an idiot.
It was really fucking weird.
You'd think she would want a sale.
So I asked her what I had planned to ask, and she basically just said, "you can get a better deal on the web. try there."
I am not fucking kidding you.
She was probably in the middle of a nooner.
(hey, I claimed pervert status--don't look at me like you're shocked!)
So then I called another one and the dude was professional,
but as he typedin my request, the silence was long...
and then we got loudly and harshly disconnected.
It was fucking WEIRD.
So I called back, and he acted like nothing had happened.
(Ok, dude--get therapy!
That kinda thing's bad for relationships!)
So then he gives me the info I requested,
and then when I asked him if he wanted my name
in case I wanted to book the flights he found
(since I was actually considering it)
and he did a verbal shrug of some kind.
So then I gave up.
They could have sold me 3 tickets, but their loss.
Ok, and mine a little.

Anyway, that was a long story and not terribly interesting, if you don't mind me saying.

bed is good.
I'm going.

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