Friday, February 03, 2006

I DID IT!!!!

I just bought my Paris tickets.
And I'm in shock--
I can't believe I'm really going!!!!
Do you have any idea how long I've waited for this?
This particular trip has been brewing for about 6 months
(which is like 4 years, in Lisa years),
but I've been wildly committed to the idea of going for at least 15 (actual) years.
Now it's on to the next stage...
so much planning, and much less time than I had anticipated.
I leave in just over a month.
One month, 5 days, to be exact and THIS is a short month.
(in case you February-got)
I feel like dancing.
I feel like laughing--
oh wait, I keep doing it.
Sort of maniacal, when you think about it...
just letting out this little squeals of joy every time that shiver runs through me, in response to the whispered-in-head words, I'm going to PARIS!!!
I yam.
Beyond le beau Pa-ree, je ne sais pas ou je vais aller.
Sorry, got sidetracked.
Anyone out there speak french and want to let me practice some shit on you, drop me a comment.
Uh...let me practice speaking french, just to clarify.
You're probably going to hear a lot more french/travel talk than you'd like over the next month, but it'll pass quickly, don't worry.
Also, that means I officially can't eat for 33 days.
Talk about motivation to diet!!
Cake? who needs cake? I'M GOING TO PARIS!!!!!
Yup, I can see this working out for me.
And I can see me working out for

Ok, on to other things...
What else is there?
Ok, I'm done with "other things".

but first: birth cert.
reserve hotels
set tourist-garbage itinerary
reserve transport between cities
not eat

good checklist, don't ya think?
My husband thought I should add "not shag any furreners", but I'm thinking the continent rule applies.
Ok, ok--I'm really not thinking that.
Truly, don't anybody get any funny ideas.
I'm travelling with my angelic and excited MOTHER.
Besides which, for all my talk hereabouts, I would never, etc etc.
So bugger off.
heh....that sounds suspiciously like I have a gaggle (or two gaggles! no, a google!!!) of european fans who are clamboring to rape(the willing) and/or pillage me.
Dammit, but that's just not the case.
It sounds nice, though...

Ok, I'm off to see the wizard.
No, but but I might wizz...
hey! you asked!
(no you didn't...who am I kidding?)

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking awesome!!!!

And, this just in: Hubby due back a full 36 hours early from a hellishly long (for me!) business (muthafuckin) trip!!!!!
Double yeeee haaaw!!
Seriously, having a husband who travels for work is fairly cool for the following reasons:
1. I get to spend all my time writing--ok, fine BLOGGING--when he's gone
2. I get to MISS a person I have spent every waking moment with for the first 7 years I knew him
3. ...and it's fucking cool to get THIS excited about his return, ya know?
Besides...I owe him some sex--extra monkey, hold the inhibitions.
I refuse to acknowledge the fact that the world's biggest skank shares the name of the source of the greatest joy I've known since the birth of my kids--
and I mean that literally: since they were born it's been pure hell. hee... just kidding.

ok, ok, I'm going!!

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